Courses and Registration FAQ

I need a permit to register for a course. How can I get a permit?

Email the instructor to ask for a permit into the course. If the instructor decides to allow you to enroll in the course, forward the instructor’s permission in writing (email) to the appropriate department staff member. If you are an undergraduate student, contact the undergraduate coordinator. If you are a graduate student, contact the graduate coordinator. The department will only issue a permit with the permission of the instructor in writing, and can only issue permits for ANTH courses.

Is there a waitlist for the course I want to take?

The department does not maintain course waitlists. Individual instructors may choose to keep a waitlist independently from the department. Any inquiries about waitlists should go directly to the instructor.

I want to register for a course, but Penn InTouch says it’s an LPS course and I need permission to register. What should I do?

Courses run through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) have seats reserved for LPS students. If you see such a message, all the seats allocated for SAS students have already been claimed. Any seats reserved for LPS students that are not claimed on the second day of classes open to all students, at which point you can try to register again.

I can't register because I have a hold on my account. What should I do?

Contact your academic advisor to identify the cause of the hold. Your advisor will let you know what you need to do to have it removed.

I didn't realize I needed to register for a recitation/lab in addition to lecture, and I got dropped from the course. Can I get back in?

You should have received an email notification about being dropped from the course due to your failure to register for a recitation/lab. Forward that email along with your request to be added back to the class to the instructor. The instructor may be willing to allow you to re-add the course, though if the course is already full there is no guarantee.

I accidently dropped a course in Penn InTouch and now it says that I need a permit to register. What should I do?

If you had originally received a permit into the course, email the undergraduate coordinator (if you are an undergraduate student) or the graduate coordinator (if you are a graduate student) to ask for another permit. If the course is now full, you cannot be admitted back into the course unless the instructor gives permission.

How do I claim the permit I just got for my course?

See the Penn InTouch Course Selection Guide for detailed instructions about claiming a permit. Note that permits expire, so it is essential that you claim your permit ASAP.

Is there any way to know if a seat becomes available in a course I want to take?

Penn Course Notify is a service that emails students when a closed course opens up during the course selection period. Currently, this is the only way to know as soon as a seat becomes available.

I am studying abroad and taking courses at another university. How can I get these courses approved to count toward my anthropology major or minor?

XCAT is Penn’s online External Course Approval Tool used to evaluate transfer, credit away, and study abroad courses. Students must secure approval for such courses through the XCAT system before taking them. Through this system, students submit requests for Penn credit approval, departments determine each course’s eligibility for Penn credit, and school advisors and the Registrar's Office post credits to the Penn transcript.

I’m an undergraduate student. Can I take a graduate level class (5000 and above)?

Typically, undergraduate students should restrict their registration to 0000-5999 level courses, with 5000-5999 being available to both graduate and undergraduate students (though instructor permission may be required for undergraduates in these courses). In special circumstances, undergraduate students may take graduate level courses with approval of the instructor and the department. See the College Policy for details.

What is an Independent Study?

Independent study offers course credit to students who participate in an in-depth research experience within the department, supervised by a faculty member. For more information, email the Undergraduate Chair and the faculty member with whom you are interested in working. Course credit as ANTH 3999 can be given for pre-approved Independent Study and research work. Independent Studies cannot be applied retroactively; they must be approved and registered for in advance, like any other course. Students may count no more than two ANTH 3999 courses for the Anthropology major, and no more than one for the minor.

The drop/add/withdrawal period just ended but I need to drop/add/withdraw from a course. What should I do?

You must submit a petition to the College Office. See the College Policy for details. All petitions go directly to the College Office. The Anthropology Department cannot administer any late adds/drops/withdrawals.

I really want to take this course, but it has been full since the beginning of registration. What can I do?

First, sign up for Penn Course Notify to receive a notification in case a seat opens up. Next, contact the instructor of the course to inquire about their policy on permits. This is not a guarantee for a permit.

I think there is a problem with my grade. What should I do next?

See the College Policy and contact the instructor.