Colloquium Series

September 18th Marcel Danesi - (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto) - “Politics, Lies and Conspiracy Theories: A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective”

September 25th  Theodore Schurr - (Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania) - “Community Engaged Ancient DNA and Microbiome Research Provides Insights Into the Lives of 18th Century African Descendants in Charleston, South Carolina”

October 2nd Kristen Ghodsee - (Russian and East European Studies, University of Pennsylvania) - “Everyday Utopia: Family Expansionism and the Struggle Against Inequality, Isolation, and the Climate Crisis”

October 9th Maria Nieves Colón - (Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota) - "The ‘Proyecto de Investigación de La Quebrada’: A Community-Engaged Study of Afro-Descendant Ancestry and Archaeology in Peru”

October 16th Emily Hammer - (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania) - "Spatial Ethnoarchaeology of Change in Mobile Pastoralist and Marsh-Dwelling Communities"

October 23th Gabriel Prieto - (Department of Anthropology, University of Florida) - “Multidisciplinary Studies in the Reconstruction of the Social Dynamics and Economic Interactions of the Chimu Empire, North Coast of Peru”

October 30th  Elizabeth Mallott - (Department of Biology, Washington University) - “Social and Environmental Factors Associated with Human Microbiome Variation” 

November 6th Molly Zuckerman - (Department of Anthropology, Mississippi State University) - “Using Bioarchaeological Data to Inform Diagnostic Criteria for Acquired Syphilis in Clinical Care"

November 13th Coren Apicella - (Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania) - "Hunter-Gatherer Insights on the Puzzle of Cooperation"

November 27th Emily Lindsey - (Excavation Site Director, La Brea Tar Pits and Museum) - "Dawn of the Anthropocene: How Humans in a Warming Climate Drove Pleistocene Mammal Extinctions and Re-shaped California’s Landscapes"

December 4th Stephanie Levy - (Department of Anthropology, Hunter College-CUNY) - Do early-life environments shape brown fat activity in adulthood? Implications for human energetics, adaptation, and health " 

December 11th Jim Sykes - (Department of Music, University of Pennsylvania) - "Not a Real Job?: Musical Labor, Productivity, and Value in the Anthropocene"