Colloquium Series

January 22nd – Alex Nading(Department of Anthropology, Cornell University) - "The Kidney and the Cane: Planetary Health and the Limits of Life Support in Nicaragua’s Sugarcane Zone"

January 29th  Nidhi Mahajan - (Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz) - "A View from the Dhow: Capitalism and Sovereignty in the Indian Ocean"

February 5th – Myra Laird - (School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania) - "A Tough Nut to Crack: The Development of Dietary Adaptations"

February 12th – Chloe Ahmann - (Department of Anthropology, Cornell University) - "Time Bomb: Toxic Disavowal and American Apocalypse"

February 19th – Kathryn Lafrenz - (Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland) - Title TBA

February 26th – Elif Babul - (Department of Anthropology, Mount Holyoke College) - "Legal Truth, Migrant Criminality, and Migration Management in Turkey"

March 11th JT Roane - (Department of Geography, Rutgers University) - "Topology of Flames: The Political Ecology of Fire in Late Twentieth Century Philadelphia"

March 18th – Paja Faudree - (Department of Anthropology, Brown University) - "Tales from the Land of Magic Plants: Narrative Hangovers and Discursive Violence"

March 25th – Zehra Hashmi - (Department of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania) - "Individuating Identity in Postcolonial Pakistan"

April 1st Beth Povinelli(Department of Anthropology, Columbia University) - "Beyond the Common: The Differences of Dispossession from a Karrabing Perspective"

April 15th – Chantel White and Jason Herrmann - (Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials, University of Pennsylvania) - Amplifying Voices from the Past through Archaeological Science

April 22nd – Ann Kelly and Javier Lazaun - (King's College London and Insitutue for Advanced Study) - "The Incremental House: Malaria Prevention and the Global Health Modern"

April 29th – Teresa Montoya - (Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago) - Title TBA