Masters Program

The Master’s of Arts (MA) Degree is part of the PhD program. Although students may proceed directly to the PhD without obtaining the MA degree, they are encouraged to take the option of completing an MA along the way.  The MA degree in Anthropology certifies that the recipient is qualified to teach General Anthropology at the college undergraduate level.  Therefore, a candidate for the MA degree is expected to be familiar with the basic concepts, major developments, and current problems in each of the four subfields of Anthropology (Anthropological Archeology, Biological [Physical] Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology).

The MA degree requires a total of ten course units, two of which are Core Program courses.  Up to two units may be transferred from another institution.  According to the student's proposed area for MA research, a committee is appointed to advise each student.  A committee normally consists of two members (an advisor from the Standing Faculty and one reader from the Graduate Group) who are jointly responsible for working out the details of the student's program from semester to semester.  Each MA degree candidate is required to complete a research paper or master's thesis.  The research paper or thesis must be completed within one year after completing the required course work.