The Graduate Program of the Anthropology Department offers a comprehensive approach to the discipline of Anthropology.  The core courses for the Master’s and PhD programs provide a broad survey of Anthropology.  Graduate and advanced students of the program are qualified in areas beyond their own specialty, and this training gives them a variety of teaching, research, and professional opportunities.

In recent years, the Anthropology Department has received about 200 graduate applications per year.  We typically make offers to 8 PhD applicants and some MA candidates each year.

Graduates of our program have distinguished themselves by their own contributions to scholarship and service, and are employed at universities and institutions throughout the United States and internationally.

At the University of Pennsylvania, the School of Arts & Sciences Graduate Division is encompasses more than 30 graduate programs (rather than departments), known as graduate groups.  Graduate groups are comprised of faculty from across departments in the School of Arts and Sciences and the University who share scholarly interests and expertise, including the Standing Faculty in the Anthropology Department.  Members of the Penn Anthropology Graduate Group can be found here.


For questions regarding the Graduate Program please contact the Graduate Coordinator.