Anthropology Minor


The Anthropology minor consists of six courses taken for a grade (no pass/fail courses). No more than four courses counted for the minor can be from any one Anthropology concentration. See the list of courses by concentration. At least four of the courses counted towards the minor must be taken at Penn; that is, up to two may be credit away, study abroad, or transfer credits.

Penn courses offered by other departments cannot be counted toward the minor unless they are cross-listed with Anthropology. Ask the Undergraduate Coordinator if you are unsure whether a course will count.

Students minoring in Anthropology are encouraged, but not required, to take foundational coursework: ANTH 0010 or 0050 for Archaeology, ANTH 0020 or 0040 for Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, and ANTH 0030 for Biological Anthropology.

Declaring the Minor

1. Before you can declare the Anthropology minor you must declare a major, and meet with your College Advisor to have your Penn InTouch worksheet status made Official. You may already have the Anthropology minor listed on your worksheet, but you MUST meet with the department to formalize the declaration.

2. Email the Undergraduate Coordinator to request a minor declaration meeting. In this brief meeting, the Undergraduate Coordinator will review the minor requirements with you and update your Penn InTouch worksheet. After the meeting, you will be added to the undergraduate listserv and the minor will be added to your transcript.


*All Penn courses were assigned new 4-digit numbers in spring 2022. You can compare the new numbers with the old 3-digit numbers here.