Career Planning 

Since the study of anthropology is so versatile, alumni from the department pursue a diverse array of career paths. From those who pursued undergraduate degrees in the department, many have joined the workforce, pursuing positions in research, healthcare, business, finance, and non-profit work. Other students have pursued advance degrees in the field of study, including M.A. and Ph.D degrees, and have earned accolades as scholars and academics.

At a graduate level within the department, M.A. and Ph.D students receive mentorship that enables them to explore academic positions of the highest caliber, with many setting the groundwork for professional scholarship in their field. Whether through undergraduate or graduate studies, the intellectual rigor of anthropological research prepares its students to think deeply about the world around them, and, ultimately, address humanity’s most pressing problems in comprehensive and innovative ways.

The Penn Career Services Office provides substantial support for students wishing to pursue careers within and beyond the immediate discipline of anthropology. The Penn Museum also offers a number of opportunities for funded and volunteer internships within and outside of the institution to investigate the human experience. To learn more about the paths one can take with a background in anthropology, explore the links below: 

  • Talk with Penn Museum Academic Engagement to learn about internship and volunteer opportunities.

  • Make an appointment with the Career Services Office to explore the professional potential of anthropology. 

Alumni Involvement

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