Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Francisco Diaz 2024
Buried Contributions: Uncovering the Role of the Living Maya in Early Mayanist Archaeology
Kimberly Fernandes 2024
Quantifying the Body: Disability, Data, and Governance in India
Caroline Hodge 2024
Politics, Poetics, and Potential in the Reproductive Body After Dobbs
Mariana Irby 2024
Remains of Futures Past: Citizenship, Nationhood, and Belonging Between Central Asia and Russia
Maris Jones 2024
Archipelagoes of Aftermaths: Survivance, Imperialism, and Climate Change in New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and Hawai’i
Zhiyan Lu 2024
Eat! You’re on Camera: How Economic and Political Forces Shape the Performance of Eating Broadcast in Chinese Social Media
Stephanie Mach 2024
Caring for Change: Negotiating Case as a Process of Decolonization at the Field Museum
Erica Jaffe Redner 2024
In Pursuit of Middle-Class Citizenship: An Ethnographic Study of the Labor Market, Mobility, and Workplace Belongingness Experiences of First-Generation College Graduates and Non-College-Educated Refinery Workers
Nooshin Sadeghsamimi 2024
The MENA Category as a Matter of Concern
Emily Sutcliffe 2024
Hijab and the Alchemy of Whiteness: Situating Race in Muslim Convert Experiences