Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Jane Abell 2022
"Those Philly Muslims:" Race, Islam & the Search for Muslim Philadelphia
Irteza Binte-Farid 2022
Narratives of Muslim Personhood: Black Muslim Youth in a Philadelphia Public School
Elizabeth Bynum 2022
Noise, Sound, and Urban Coexistence: Interrogating Practices of Sonic Management in Mexico City
Sarah Carson 2022
The New Girls' Clubs: Candidate Training Programs and the Women Changing the Face of U.S. Politics
Ishani Dasgupta 2022
Emergence of a Deterritorialized Nation: How Tibetan Political Practices Confront the Precarity of Statelessness
Shubhangni Gupta 2022
Amber Henry 2022
Inalienable Bodies: Palenquera Women and Negotiations of Embodied Sovereignty in the Colombian Caribbean (Cartagena de Indias and San Basilio de Palenque)
Paul Wolff Mitchell 2022
The Making and Unmaking of Cranial Race Science: the Origins and Afterlives of Human Skull Collections, 1768-1851
Pooja Nayak 2022
Rust and Ferns: Work, Value, and the Politics of Ecological Security in Kudremukh, South India
Briana Nichols 2022
Imagining Un Futuro Digno: Indigenous Youth Striving for Non-Migration in Guatemala