Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Madeline Boyer 2018
Working alone, together : coworking, community, and cultural flow
Diana Burnett 2018
Migrant Indigeneity: Transnational Health Policy Implementation Structuring the Body, Identity, & Belief  
Rachel Cohen 2018
Landscapes of Power In The South Caucasus (1500-600 BCE): GIS and Phenomenological Approaches 
Celina Davidson de Sa 2018
Becoming Diasporically African: The Cultural Politics of West African Capoeira 
Osei Alleyne 2017
Dancehall Diaspora: Roots, Routes & Reggae Music in Ghana 
Margaret Corley 2017
Leaving Home : Demographic, Endocrine, and Behavioral Correlates of Dispersal in Monogamous Owl Monkeys (Aotus Azarae) of Argentina
Maria Esteban Palma 2017
Branding the Muisca-Self: Indigenous Sincerity Amidst Colombian Multicultural Coloniality
Susannah Fishman 2017
Ceramic Entanglements In The Urartian Periphery: Technology As the Nexus Of Politics and Practice 
Noam Osband 2017
In The Pines: A Visual Ethnography of American, Mexican, and Canadian Reforestation Workers 
Catherine Rhodes 2017
Making Maya Linguistics, Making Maya Linguists: The Production of Maya Scientific Expertise and Models of Personhood In The Yucatan Today