Graduate Student Accomplishments

PhD Candidacy Examinations

◦         Dina Asfaha

◦         Tayeba Batool

◦         Aisha Chughtai

◦         Rachel Dickerson

◦         Juliet Glazer

◦         Eric Hubbard

◦         Maris Jones

◦         Xiao Ke

◦         Katey Mari

◦         Autumn Melby

◦         Atenea Rosado-Viurques

◦         Rebecca Winkler


Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2022-2023

◦         Dina Asfaha- SSRC Mellon Mays Graduate Studies Enhancement, 2021-2022

◦         Aliyah Bixby-Driesen- Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2022-2023

◦         Alex Chen- Mellon ACLS Fellowship Award, 2022-2023

◦         Alex Chen- Carter Manny Award Research Citation of Special Recognition, The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

◦         Aisha Chughtai- Presidential PhD Fellowship, 2021-2022

◦         Chelsea Cohen- Dissertation Research Award, 2022-2023

◦         Eric Hubbard- Junior Kolb Fellowship, 2022-2023

◦         Alexandra Kralick- Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2022-2023

◦         Alexandra Kralick- P.E.O. Scholar Award, 2022-2023

◦         Chrislyn Laurore- Junior Kolb Fellowship, 2022-2023

◦         Katey Mari- 2022 Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

◦         Autumn Melby- Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

◦         Jacob Nussbaum- Dissertation Research Award, 2022-2023

◦         Pooja Nayak- Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH)

◦         Rachael Stephens- Presidential PhD Fellowship, 2021-2022

◦         Clare Super- Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2022-2023

◦         Charlotte Williams- Dissertation Research Award, 2022-2023

◦         Naomi Zucker - Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2022-2023



◦         Aylar Abdolahzadeh - 2021 Abdolahzadeh, A., Leader, G. M., Li, L. Taphonomy of fire: Experimental Approach to Quantifying Pot-lids by Temperature. Lithic Technology.

◦         Aylar Abdolahzadeh - 2021 Abdolahzadeh, A., Dibble, H. L., McPherron, S. P., Sandgathe, D. M., Schurr, T. G., Olszewski, D. I. Investigating Variability in the Frequency of Fire Use in the Archaeological Record of Late Pleistocene Europe. Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

◦         Aylar Abdolahzadeh - 2021 Lin, S., Zeljko Rezek, Aylar Abdolahzadeh, David R. Braun, Tamara Dogandzic, George M. Leader, Li Li, Shannon P. McPherron. The mediating effect of platform width on the size and shape of stone flakes. Plos One.

◦         Dina Asfaha- forthcoming.“Geopolitical Entanglements, Life, and Crisis in Eritrea.” Black Feminist Health Science Studies (BFHSS) Collaboratory special issue,Medical Anthropology Quarterly (MAQ). December 2022.


◦         Dina Asfaha- forthcoming.“agar HaQkaim, Medical Institution-Building, and Clinical Practice in Eritrea’s Liberation Struggle,”in Everyday Design-MakerX: From Margins to the Center,edited by Chakanetsa Mavhunga.Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


◦         Dina Asfaha- forthcoming.“Is the COVAX Campaignjust?”Platypus, the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC) blog.Winter.


◦         Jimil Ataman- Ataman, Jimil.“This Outfit is Political: The Politics and Resistance Practices of the Slow Fashion Community on Instagram” In SI: Materializing Activism,Computer Supported Cooperative Work.


◦         Irteza Binte-Farid- Binte-Farid I. 2021. On Their Own Terms: Painting as Self Expression for Black Muslim Youth. NEOS 13 (1).


◦         Irteza Binte-Farid- Binte-Farid, I. 2022. “Islam, Whiteness, and American Muslims.” Edited by Abdullah, Z. Routledge.


◦         Irteza Binte-Farid- Watson, V. and Knight-Manuel, M. 2022. African Immigrant Youth Literacy, Language, Learning, and Schooling in the Global African Diaspora. Teacher’s College Press.


◦         Irteza Binte-Farid- Watson, V. 2022. AAP Perspectives, "Race and Ethnicity in Africa and the Diaspora." Michigan State University Press.


◦         Bina Brody- Make a Name for Yourself: Senegalese Wrestling Pseudonyms and the Creation of a National Tradition”. In: To Be – Named, edited by the Smithsonian Institute. Publication expected in spring, 2023.


◦         Hei-won Byun- “Biopolitics in a Residential Compound in Shanghai (Illustration)” Logistics in the time of COVID. Posted on April 21, 2021.


◦         Hei-won Byun- “Mask Logistics Between Governmentality and Care (Illustration)” Logistics in the time of COVID. Posted on July 1, 2021.


◦         Alex Chen- Chen, Chuan Hao. “Dis/Avowing Masks: Culture, Race, and Public Health Between the United States and Taiwan.” Medicine Anthropology Theory.


◦         Matt Capps- Capps, Matthew, and Eric E. Jones. 2021. “Morphological and functional variability in triangular projectile points in the Piedmont Southeast, 1300-1600 CE”. Southeastern Archaeology, DOI: 10.1080/0734578X.2021.1980950.


◦         Rachel Dickerson- Dickerson, R.R., Hammerl, E.H., “Differences in development of the deciduous dentition between Gorillagorilla and Gorilla berengei”In preparation for submission to the American Journal of Primatology.


◦         Kasey Diserens Morgan- In Press Diserens Morgan, Kasey and Tiffany C. Fryer. “Introduction: Characterizing an Archaeology of Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands” in Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives. University Press of Colorado.


◦         Kasey Diserens Morgan- In Press Diserens Morgan, Kasey. “The Cycle of the Living Dead: Ruins, Loss, and Preservation in Tihosuco, Quintana Roo” in Coloniality in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological Perspectives. University Press of Colorado.


◦         Kasey Diserens Morgan- In Press Fryer, Tiffany C. and Kasey Diserens Morgan. “Subversive Heritage, Indigenized Tourism, and Heritage Activism in Maya Quintana Roo” in Trowels in the Trenches: Archaeology as Social Activism, ed. Christopher Barton. University Press of Florida.


◦         Kasey Diserens Morgan- In Press Diserens Morgan, Kasey. “Controlling the Façade: Resistance to Heritage Protections and Government Interventions in Post-conflict Quintana Roo.” In Heritage and Democracy:Crisis, Critique, and Cooperation. Edited by Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels and Jon Daehnke. University Press of Florida.


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 *Hodge C, “Density and Danger: Social Distancing as Racialized Population Management,” Medicine Anthropology Theory 8(1), 1-11.


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- Nursyazwani. “Legibility by Invitation: Rohingya Refugees and the Value of Political Ambivalence.” For submission to Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute.


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- Nursyazwani. “Digitizing Legibility: A Case of Rohingyas in Malaysia.” For submission to New Media and Society.


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- Nursyazwani. “Refugee Playfulness: Rohingya’s Everyday Strategies in Living Malaysia.” For submission to Journal of Refugee Studies.


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- Nursyazwani. “Becoming Rohingya.”For submission to Political and Legal Anthropology Review [PoLAR].


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- Oh Su-Ann & Nursyazwani. “Visualizing Temporality in Forced Displacement.” For submission to conference organizers (Migration Methodologies, 2021) as part of a special issue.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- Jonnalagadda, Indivar. “Of Political Entrepreneurs: Assembling Community and Social Capital in Hyderabad’s Informal Settlements.” Urban Studies, Online First (2021),


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- Jonnalagadda, Indivar, Ryan Stock, and Karan Misquitta. “Titling as a Contested Process: Conditional Land Rights and Subaltern Citizenship in South India.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research45, no. 3 (2021): 458–76.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- Hussain, Mohammad Sajjad, Sriharsha Devulapalli, Indivar Jonnalagadda, and Anant Maringanti. “The NeighbourhoodEffect: Coexistence of Residential and Occupational Opportunities in ‘Muslim Neighbourhoods’ of Hyderabad.” In Muslims in Telangana: A Discourse on Equity, Development, and Security, edited by G. Sudhir, M. A. Bari, Amir Ullah Khan, and Abdul Shaban, 102–23. Singapore: Springer Nature, 2021.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “Fait Accompli Urbanism: Record keeping, regularization, and the unmapping of Hyderabad,” American Ethnologist.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “Castes of Water: Local Associations and Environmental Governance in Urban Hyderabad,”for submission to Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. (with Pullanna Vidyapogu)


◦         Maris Jones- Awarded Association of Black Anthropologists Johnetta B. Cole Student Travel Award to present at the 2021 AAA annual meeting.


◦         Maris Jones- Awarded Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship.


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralickand Kate McGrath. (2021). OrangutanCanine Linear EnamelHypoplasia Defects Assessed in Association with Flanging Status. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 176(4):625-637.doi: 10.1002/ajpa.24387. (in preparation).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Stephanie Canington, Kate McGrath, Andrea Eller. From animal to specimen: reflecting on ethical considerations for ape biological remains. (in preparation).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Tocheri MW. Comparative analysis of limb functional morphology among Bornean and Sumatran orangutans. (in preparation).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Tocheri MW. Comparative analysis oforangutanlimb functional morphology across age and sex classes. (in preparation).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Sarah Caminito*, Meredith Bastian, Morgan Hoke, Babette Zemel.Orangutan Long Bone Skeletal Correlates of Flanging Status.Alexandra E. Kralick, Eden Mackereth, Matthew W. Tocheri. A 3D quantitative comparative analysis of trapezium and trapezoid morphology in Gorilla and Pan. (in preparation).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Matthew W. Tocheri. (2022). Relativeleg-to-armstrengthproportionsinBorneanandSumatranorangutans.American Journal of Physical Anthropology. (in review).


◦         Moriah McKenna- Thompson, D.M., Fixler, S.A., Marshall, A.E., McKenna, Federico, C., Koenig, S. (in review). "The impact of large-wood additions on bed mobility on the Narraguagus River, Maine."Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.


◦         Autumn Melby- “Reframing Rurality :Everyday Life for Rural Household amidst the Collapse of Cahokia” Poster presented at the 77th Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Durham, NC.


◦         Pooja Nayak- Nayak, P. (2021). “On Livability in the Sri Lankan Tea Plantation”. Exertions. Society for Anthropology of Work (SAW). Available from:


◦         Pooja Nayak- Nayak, Pooja. 2021. “ Introduction: Arts of Noticing, Thinking with Doing”. Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH) Field Notes Series.


◦         Kristina Nielsen- Nielsen, K. (2022). Call center timespace and working from home: Enregistering global professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic in India. Sociolinguistic Studies16(1), 19–38.


◦         Jacob Nussbaum- What the Drums Do, Exhibition Catalogue Article for Milford Graves: A Mind Body Deal at the ICA Philadelphia, Inventory Press, Forthcoming


◦         Jessica Peng- Peng, Jessica H. 2021. “The Potentials of Fieldwork in a Pandemic: Navigating Shifting Landscapes of the Indonesian Fishery Industry.” SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia.


◦         Justin Reamer- Reamer, Justin M.Old Collections, New Data: Insights on the Minisink Site and Upper Delaware Valley Archaeology from the Philhower and Sommerville Collections. Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 36.


◦         Erica Redner- “Living their Values in Precarious Times: The Appeal of Employment at Sunoco’s Philadelphia Area Oil Refineries for Blue-Collar Workers.” (Under review, Anthropology of Work Review).


◦         Samantha Seyler- Review of Sugarcane and Rum: The Bittersweet History of Labor and Life on the Yucatan Peninsula, by John R. Gust and Jennifer P. Mathews. Ethnoarchaeology12(2) 148-149.


◦         Katleho Shoro- Shoro, Katleho, Raphael D’Abdon & Vus’sumzi Phakathi (Eds.). 2021 (forthcoming). The Constant Reader: Poetry Reviews by Poets in South Africa. Poetree Publications


◦         Katleho Shoro- Shoro, Katleho Kano. 2021. “Black Beauty” in Years of Fire and Ash: South African Poems of Decolonisation, Mbao, Wamuwi (Ed). Jonathan Ball Publishers


◦         Clare Super- Hoke, M. K., McCabe, K. M., Mari, K. E., & Super, C. E. (2021). Subclinical inflammation, environmental enteropathy, and growth disruption in Peruvian infants. PLOS Biology.(In preparation)


◦         Clare Super- Hoke, M. K., & Super, C. (2021). Calculating the Role of Adaptation in Biological Anthropology. American Journal of Human Biology (In Preparation)


◦         Robert Vigar- Vigar, Robert J. "Book Review: Trafficking culture: new directions in researching the global market in illicit antiquities" Antiquity 94, no. 374 (2020): 557-559.


◦         Charlotte Williams- Williams, Charlotte M. (Forthcoming, accepted.)2021Historical Ecology and Archaeology in the Galapagos Islands: a legacy of human occupation.Peter Stahl, Fernando J. Astudillo, Ross Jamieson, Diego Quiroga, and Florencio Delgado.


◦         Charlotte Williams- Williams, Charlotte M. (Forthcoming) 2021. Museum Anthropology [2019] Cara G. Tremain and Donna Yates.The Market for Mesoamerica: Reflections on the Sale of Precolumbian Antiquities. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.


Talks & Presentations


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2022 A Controlled Pilot Experiment to Test the Impacts of Frost-weathering on Flint Artifacts. Society for American Archaeology meeting. IIIinois, Chicago.


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2021 Investigating Variability in the Frequency of Fire Use in the Archaeological Record of Late Pleistocene Europe. Brown-bag lunch talk, Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota. Dec 10th


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2021 Taphonomy of Fire: An Experimental Approach to Quantifying Potlids by Temperatures. 13th International Symposium for Knapped Materials. Tarragona, Spain. Oct4-7th


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2021 Heat-Fracturing: An Experimental Approach to Quantifying Potlids by Temperatures. Union International Science Prehistory and Protohistory. Meknes, Morocco. Sep 1-61h


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2021 Fracture Mechanics, Virtual Knapper, and Controlled Experiments: Towards a Better Model of Flake Formation. Society for American Archaeology meeting. San Francisco, USA.


◦         Aylar Abdolahzedah - 2021 Department of Anthropology Colloquium, University of Minnesota “Investigating Variability in the Frequency of Fire Use in the Archaeological Record of Late Pleistocene Europe.”


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2022 Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Conference. Cartographic Thinking-Feeling. Paper Presentation


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Annual American Anthropology Association (AAA) Conference. Emergent Taxonomies. Paper Presentation


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (ASAP). Conference. Caring in the Underneath: Shadow Infrastructures and the Undergrounds of Care. Paper Presentation.


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 EnviroLAB Graduate Conference. University of Pennsylvania. Placing: New Engagements with the Environment. Conference organizer and panel coordinator.


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 EnviroLAB Graduate Conference. University of Pennsylvania. At the Limit of the Aquifer. Paper Presentation.


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 The Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Conference. Yucatec Islands: Mapping Colonial Geographies. Paper Presentation.


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Critical Multimodal Qualitative Research Virtual LAB. A proposal for Cartographic Ethnography.


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021 [Invited]. “Sovereignty, Life, and Self-Determination.”47thAnnual Eritrean Festival USA, “What is really going on in the Horn of Africa?” panel.Washington, D.C. August 14.


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021“Underground Hospital: Medical Sovereignty and Infrastructures of Recovery.”Disrupted LivesGRiSTSConference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. October28-30. [moved online due to COVID-19 pandemic].


◦         Adwaita Banerjee- 2021, Nostaligia and Affect in Toxic and Precarious Environments


◦         Irteza Binte- Farid- American Association of Religion (AAR), Paper Presentation Virtual, November 21, 2021 – Islamic Spacemaking through Prayer in Philadelphia .


◦         Irteza Binte- Farid- American Anthropological Association (AAA), Paper Presentation Virtual, November 18, 2021 - Space, Race, & Islam in Muslim Philadelphia.


◦         Irteza Binte- Farid- Association for Moral Education, Paper Presentation Virtual, November 7, 2021 – Ethical Self-Cultivation Among Black Muslim Youth.


◦         Hei-won Byun- “What is desirable voice?: Instructions and Evaluations of Voice Production in Japanese Voice Actor Training,” Semiotic Anthropology Conference, May 28th, 2021.


◦         Yalong Chen- SfAA: “Digital and Divisible: A Review on the Cultural Root of Modern Digital Technologies” in the panel of “Digital Technologies and Cultural Citizenship”.


◦         Yalong Chen- SLA (co-chair of organized panel): ““Weak birds fly first”: Enregistering the Poverty in the Vocational Education of Southwest China” in the panel of “Enregistering Post-socialism: The Deferred Futures and Alternative Hopes”.


◦         Alex Chen- “COVID-19: Racial Chronotopes.” guest lecture, Race and Racism Course. ArtCenter College of Design. Pasadena, CA. July 2nd.


◦         Alex Chen- “An Undergraduate Medical Elective Using Art and Observation to Address Cognitive Bias and Heuristics in Clinical Practice.” Learn Serve Lead 2021: The AAMC Annual Meeting.


◦         Alex Chen-“Designing Semiotic Flows through Containment: Doors, Windows and the Interplay of Affordances and Ideology in the Research Laboratory.” 7th Penn Annual Semiotic Anthropology Conference.


◦         Alex Chen- “The Architecture of Care: Building the Medical Gaze.” 2021 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. invited panel. Baltimore, MD, USA. Nov.


◦         Chelsea Cohen- Cohen, C. At Water’s Edge: Adaptive Hull Reuse and Changes in Colonial Maritime Landscapes.Nautical Archaeology Society Annual Conference, Online.


◦         Volney Friedrich- Friedrich, V., Schur, T.G. 2021. Mitochondrial Haplogroup Involvement in Cervical Precancer Development. Human Biology Association (presentation).


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 Conference Speaker, “Safety First (?): The Architecture of Abortion Care in the United States,” Invited Session, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (Baltimore, MD)


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 Invited Plenary Lecture, Doctoring 1A, “Medical Culture and the Medical Gaze,”Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn (with Alex Chen)


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 Invited Lecture, “Gender, Medicine, Science,” Introduction to Medical Anthropology, UPenn, Prof. Adriana Petryna


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 Finalist, Penn Grad Talks, “Fertile Ground: Sexuality, Science, and FertilityTracking Apps”


◦         Caroline Hodge- 2021 Panelist, “Physician-Scientists in the Humanities and Social Sciences,” AmericanPhysician Scientists Association, Northeast Regional Conference


◦         Mariana Irby- Irby, Mariana."Living in the Gray Zone: Race and Gender among the Undocumented in Russia." Paper presented in panel entitled "Central Asians as Mediators of Projections of Racial Identity", Annual Meeting of the Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (November 2021)


◦         Sharon Jacobs- “Monumentoclasm” workshop. Dëcoloиıze Hellάş. Athens, Greece (in person and remote). October-November. Workshop participant.


◦         Sharon Jacobs- “Feminist No Borders Summer School.” Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research. Athens, Greece (remote). 14-16 June. Workshop participant.


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- 2021[Invited] (with Dr. Oh Su Ann) “Visualizing Temporality in Forced Displacement.” Workshop on Migration Methodologies: Challenges, Innovations and Conceptual Implications for Asian Migrations. Organized by Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. (30 –31 August 2021).


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- “Muslim Citizenship in Motion: (un)Becoming Rohingya Refugees.” 2021 Association for Asian Studies Conference, Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA. Panel organizer, chair, and presenter for “Unsettling Citizenship and Subjecthood”(24–27March 2022)


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- “"Muslim Citizenship" in Motion: Rohingya Refugees and Ummah Belonging.” 121stAmerican Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Baltimore, California, USA. (13–17November 2021).


◦         Nursyazwani Jamaludin- “Mediatizing Rohingyaness: Becoming Legible Rohingya in Malaysia.” 14th International Burma Studies Conference: Burmavision2021: Political Crisis, Social Resilience and Cultural Vibrance in Myanmar.(16 –19 September 2021)


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “No Entry: Private Property and its Discontents in Hyderabad’s Slum Settlements,” Penn South Asia Studies Colloquium: Forthcoming Virtual Session, December 8, 2021.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “’Useless’ Land Titles and Subaltern Citizenship in Hyderabad, India,” Yale South Asia Brown Bag Series, Workshop organized by the South Asian Studies Council at theYale MacMillan Center: Virtual Session, October 27, 2021.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “Of Political Entrepreneurs: assembling community and social capital in Hyderabad’s informal settlements,”Emerging Scholars in South Asia, Seminar at the University of Melbourne: Virtual Session, July16, 2021.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “Disciplining the Planet of Slums: Habitat Improvement in Hyderabad before the Infrastructural Turn,”Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers 2022: Forthcoming Session, New York, March TBD, 2022.


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- “TechnomoralGeographies: Governing space as property across the rural-urban divide,” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association2021: Forthcoming Virtual Session, November 18,2021.


◦         Maris Jones- Nov. 2021. “Five Named Storms and a Pandemic: An Auto-Ethnographic Account of the 2020 Hurricane Season in Louisiana.” American Anthropological Association (AAA).


◦         Maris Jones- Aug. 2021.“Environmental Racism: Identity and Action.” Guest Lecture and Workshop, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT.


◦         Maris Jones- Jun. 2021.“Introducción a la Justicia Ambiental: Identidad y Acción.” Guest Lecture and Workshop, Trabajo Social y Asuntos Ambientalesundergraduate course in the Department of Social Work, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Carolina, Puerto Rico.


◦         Xiao Ke- “Assisted Amnesia and Escaping History in an Amdo Tibetan Landscape” at Amdoat the Crossroads: 3rd International Workshop of the ARN, Sep.27th-29th, 2021, Oxford, UK.


◦         Xiao Ke- “Love-Style in Amdo Tibetan Environmental Conservation” at the 7thSemiotic Anthropology Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. May,28-30.


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Organizer and Chair of and Rountable Presenter in Roundtable/Townhall. Narrative and Identity in Great Ape Skeletal Research. American Anthropological Association Annual Conference. November 20. Virtual


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Alexandra E. Kralick, Matthew W. Tocheri. (2022). Relativeleg-to-armstrengthproportionsinBorneanandSumatranorangutans.American Journal of Physical Anthropology. (in review).


◦         Alexandra Kralick- AABA COD-LGBTQIAA+Bite-Size BioAnth, “Orangutan Skeletons Bust the Sex Binary”September 10th.


◦         Alexandra Kralick- Leakey Foundation, Lunch Break Science. November 18th


◦         Alexandra Kralick- “Climate Change Threatens Great Ape Biology”, HOT Topics Webinar, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Human Origins Program. June 17th. [video of webinar here]


◦         Alexandra Kralick- “Climate Change Threatens Great Ape Biology”, Sharon High School, November 2nd.


◦         Katey Mari- Pending Acceptance: Human Biology Association Annual Meeting; K.


◦         Katey Mari- MK Hoke. Intergenerational implications of state intervention:pregnancy as a space of vulnerability in Nuñoa, Peru


◦         Pooja Nayak- “Placing Vulnerability: Bats, Experts, and Knowledge-making in South India”, American Anthropological Association, Baltimore, Nov 16-21, 2021.


◦         Pooja Nayak- “‘Ungovernable’ Ferns and the Limits of Biodiversity in South India.” Society for the Social Studies of Science, University of Toronto (Virtual due to Covid).October 6-9, 2021.


◦         Pooja Nayak- “Arts of Noticing” and Thinking with Doing Public Scholarship”. STREAMS-Transformative Environmental Humanities, KTH Stockholm (Virtual due to Covid).August 3-7, 2021.


◦         Pooja Nayak- “Environmental Humanities: CriticalAffordances after Critique.”‘Climate Histories and the Anthropocene Seminar.’ History and Philosophy of Science. University of Cambridge. Spring 2022.


◦         Pooja Nayak- “Multispecies Relations and the Limits of Care in South India.” Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH). Working Wednesdays. September 15, 2021.


◦         Elizabeth Oakley- “Mythic Heroes and Dusty Cabinets: The Persistence of Outdated Models of Science in The New Museum” American Anthropological Association (AAA), Baltimore, MD


◦         Elizabeth Oakley- “Leveraging Your Strengths to Grow Virtual Audiences” Panelist, PA Museums Conference -Service in Uncertainty, Virtual


◦         Angela Perfetti- Perfetti, A. R.(2021October6-9). Making up survivors: economies of care and Post-Intensive Care Syndrome. Presentation at the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S), Toronto, CA.


◦         Justin Reamer- "Non-maize Cultigens in the Upper Delaware Valley: Results of Paleoethnobotanical Analysis from Manna (36Pi4), Society for American Archaeology, Chicago, IL.


◦         Autumn Melby- "Outside Looking In: Everyday Life and the Negotiation of Collapse for Rural Peoples", Society for American Archaeology, Chicago, IL.


◦         Autumn Melby- “Reframing Rurality: Everyday Life for Rural Household amidst the Collapse of Cahokia”, Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Durham, NC.


◦         Samantha Seyler- Hiding in Plain Sight: Abandonment and Mobility of the 19th and 20th century Maya in the Yucatan. Paper to be present at 87thAnnual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Chicago, Illinois.


◦         Katleho Shoro- Decolonizing Museums: Settler Colonialism, Slavery, and the Problem of  Decolonizing Museums (October 20 - 23 2021) Role: Panelist on “What Should the 21st Century Museum Be?”


◦         Robert Vigar- “The Unseen Masriyeen:Exploring the relationship between archaeology, heritage and local communities in Egypt”. Co-presenting with Amany abd el Hameed at 2022 World Affairs Council's Cultural Diplomacy Conference. January 2022 (upcoming).


◦         Robert Vigar- “Challenging Colonial Endurances in Nubian Archaeology: The Case Against Craniometrics” at the ASOR Annual Conference in Chicago. The presentation is part of the American Sudanese Archaeological Research Center (AmSARC) workshop titled “Reintegrating Africa in the Ancient World”. November 2021.


◦         Naomi Zucker- “Post-Prozac Nation: Pharmaceutical Experimentality in and After Psychiatry.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Baltimore MA, November 20201(virtual).


◦         Naomi Zucker- “Post-Prozac Nation: Pharmaceutical Experimentality in and After Psychiatry.” GRISTS Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 20201(virtual).


Other Academic Work

◦         Justin Reamer--Teaching a class he designed at Bryn Mawr College, entitled "Unearthing the Environment: The Archaeology of Human-Environment Interactions"


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Environmental Chemistry. UADY. Guest Lecturer


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Introduction to Sociology. University of Pennsylvania. Guest Lecturer


◦         Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo- 2021 Social Justice Research Academy. University of Pennsylvania. Teaching Assistant


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021 [Invited]“How Sanctions Adversely Affect Ethiopia and Eritrea,”a webinar co-sponsored by EACC and the Sanctions Kill!Coalition. December 12.


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021 [Invited] “Barnard Fall 2021 Alumnae Chats.” Barnard College. October 8.


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021 Auto-Ethnography Mentor. “What does public safety mean to me as a young adult growing up in Red Hook? ”Red Hook Initiative, Public Safety Research Program. Brooklyn, NY.


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021 Graduate Mentor. Barnard MMUF Summer Colloquium. [moved online due to COVID-19 pandemic]


◦         Dina Asfaha- 2021Workshop Leader. Mellon Graduate Assistance Program (GAP)Statement of Purpose Bootcamp. virtual.


◦         Matt Capps- Graduate Representative for the Anthropology Department, 2021-2022


◦         Matt Capps- Representative for the School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Government, 2021


◦         Matt Capps- Student Member of the Penn Museum Graduate Advisory Council, 2020-Present


◦         Alex Chen- “Future of Health with Dr. Jayatri Das,” Interview by Dr. Jayatri Das, The Franklin Institute. Facebook Live. May 10, 2021.


◦         Alex Chen- Outreach Co-lead, Medical Scientist Training Program Anti-Racism Committee


◦         Alex Chen- Student Representative, Medical Scientist Training Program Steering Committee


◦         Aisha Chughtai- Academic and Intellectual Life Graduate Fellow, 2019-current


◦         Chelsea Cohen- President of the Penn Museum Graduate Advisory Council


◦         Chelsea Cohen- Graduate Guide of the Penn Museum Grad Guides Program


◦         Chelsea Cohen- Program Developer and Organizer of the Penn Museum Summer Creating Academic Museum Professionals Program


◦         Eric Hubbard- Assistant Curator –Penn Museum, Philadelphia, Spring2020-Present


◦         Eric Hubbard- Graduate Guide –Penn Museum, Philadelphia 2019-Present


◦         Sharon Jacobs- Contributing Editor, Society for Cultural Anthropology


◦         Sharon Jacobs- Editorial Contractor, National Geographic magazine


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- Directory, Documentary Film, “The Composters”,2021(10 mins)-


◦         Indivar Jonalagadda- Billy Penn Newsletter, “Philadelphia teases opening of 12 community composting sites,”July27, 2021,


◦         Autumn Melby- Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Service, Coordinator of SEAC SAMN Social Hour, Southeastern Archaeological Conference


◦         Hakimah Abdul Fattah- Critical Museum Studies Graduate Student Working Group, Center for Experimental Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania, Summer 2021 -ongoing


◦         Hakimah Abdul Fattah- Center for Experimental Ethnography, Settler Colonialism, Slavery, and the Problem of Decolonizing MuseumsConference, What Should the 21st Century Museum Be? Discussion, October 2021


◦         Kim Fernandes- Contributing Editor, Platypus –The CASTAC Blog


◦         Maris Jones- Aug. 2021. Commencement Speaker.Goddard College, Plainfield, VT


◦         Christopher LaMack- Graduate Guide –Penn Museum, Philadelphia 2019-Present


◦         Christopher LaMack- Graduate Guide of the Penn Museum Grad Guides Program


◦         Chrislyn Laurore- Member of the Penn Museum Graduate Advisory Council


◦         Chrislyn Laurore- Organizer, Penn CHC Annual Meeting on Community Archaeology & Heritage


◦         Stephanie Mach- Curator of North American Ethnographic Collections, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University


◦         Autumn Melby- Museum Assistant to Learning and Public Engagement Department; Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania


◦         Autumn Melby- Living Room Lecture Series Organizer; Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania.


◦         Autumn Melby- Graduate Guide of the Penn Museum Grad Guides Program


◦         Autumn Melby- Board Member: Student Affairs Committee Liaison


◦         Pooja Nayak- Graduate Student Board Member, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities


◦         Kristina Nielsen- Graduate Student Representative for the Society of Linguistic Anthropology


◦         Elizabeth Oakley- Co-curator of “Human Evolution” Penn Museum


◦         Elizabeth Oakley- Co-curator and co-designer of “Anthropology@Penn”Penn Museum, Academic Wing


◦         Elizabeth Oakley- Graduate Guide of the Penn Museum Grad Guides Program


◦         Charlotte Williams- Smithsonian Museum Summer Institute In Museum Anthropology


◦         Naomi Zucker- Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Platypus




◦         Jane Lief Abell, PhD; May 2022

◦         Irteza Binte-Farid, PhD; May 2022

◦         Elizabeth Bynum, PhD; May 2022

◦         Sarah Ann Carson, PhD; May 2022

◦         Elizabeth Clay, PhD; December 2021

◦         Ishani Dasgupta, PhD; May 2022

◦         Stacey Espenlaub, PhD; December 2021

◦         Amber Marie Henry, PhD; May 2022

◦         Paul Mitchell, PhD; August 2022

◦         Briana Nichols, PhD; May 2022

◦         Lise Puyo, PhD; August 2022

◦         Fatima Tassadiq, PhD; May 2022



Post-Doctoral Fellowships

◦         Ishani Dasgupta (University of Louisville)

◦         Briana Nichols (Rutgers University)