Graduate Student Accomplishments

MA & PhD Graduates

    Josh Franklin, PhD, Spring 2020

    Gracie Golden, MA, Spring 2020

    Jacquie Greiff, PhD, Spring 2020

    Genevra Murray, PhD, Fall 2019

    Kyle Olson, PhD, Summer 2020

    Lee Young, PhD, Spring 2020


Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

     Aylar Abdolahzadeh - Greenwalt Fund (Kolb Foundation)

     Jane Abell - Center for Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration Grant, 2020

     Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo - Harte Research Institute: SWIMM Scholarship

     Jimil Ataman - Emerging Scholar, Milton Wolf Seminar in Vienna, Austria

    Irteza Binte-Farid - Center for Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration Grant; Center for Teaching and Learning Fellowship GSE, 2019-20; Career Exploration Fellowship at the Penn Museum

     Aliyah Bixby-Driesen - Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship for the Study of Chinese

     Elizabeth Bynum - Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Sarah Carson - Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020; NSF DDRIG (Cultural Anthropology), 2019

     Elise Cavicchi - Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Alex Chen – Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2020; Penn Museum Winter Field Funds, 2019

     Aisha Chughtai - Academic and Intellectual Life Graduate Fellow

     Elizabeth Clay - John Carter Brown Library Fellowship, Short Term Fellow, 2020; DAACS-NEH Fellow, Monticello Archaeology Lab, 2019-21

     Chelsea Cohen - Harold Dibble Mini-Me Fund Award, 2019

     Ishani Dasgupta – Graudate Fellpwship from the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy

     Kim Fernandes - SSRC Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2020

     Raquel Fleskes - Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2020

     Juliet Glazer - Salvatori Award 2020

     Chris Green – Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2020

     Jacquie Greiff- Society for the Anthropology of Europe’s Graduate Student Paper Prize

     Caroline Hodge- 2020 Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

     Mariana Irby - Critical Language Scholarship (Persian), US Department of State, 2020 (canceled due to COVID-19)

     Sharon Jacobs - Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Alexandra Kralick – Dissertation Research Fellowship

     Autumn Melby - Junior Fellow of the Louis J. Kolb Society of Fellows, Penn Museum, 2020

    Paul Mitchell - Library Company of Philadelphia Research Fellow: Samuel G. Morton Papers, 2020; Affiliated Doctoral Fellow in Penn Program in Race, Science, and Society: Penn Medicine and the Afterlives of Slavery Project (2019-21); Provost’s Graduate Academic Engagement Fellowship with the Netter Center, University of Pennsylvania (2019-        21)

     Briana Nichols – Spencer Dissertation Fellowship, National Academy of Education, 2020

     Kristina Nielsen – Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Atenea Rosado-Viurques – Graduate Conference and Training Grant, Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Nooshin Sadegh-Samimi - Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Rachael Stephens - Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) Halperin Memorial Fund (Summer 2020); Penn Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Immigration Grant (Summer 2020)

     Fatima Tassadig - Dissertation Completion Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Charlotte Williams - Smithsonian Museum Summer Institute In Museum Anthropology, 2020

     Rebecca Winkler - FLAS Fellowship–University of Wisconsin SEASSI, 2020

     Tali Ziv - Dissertation Completion Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

     Naomi Zucker – Teece Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2020



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     Randy Burson - RE, Clapp JT, Arriaga AF, Muralidharan M, Burson RC, et al. 2019. Understanding Debriefing: A Qualitative Study of Event Reconstruction at an Academic Medical Center. Academic Medicine

     Randy Burson - Arriaga AF, Sweeney RE, Clapp JT, Muralidharan M, Burson RC, et al. 2019. Failure to Debrief after Critical Events in Anesthesia Is Associated with Failures in Communication during the Event. Anesthes. 130(6): 1039-1048.

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     Kim Fernandes - Review of Contemplating Dis/Ability in Schools and Society: A Life in Education by David J. Connor, Disability Studies Quarterly, Spring 2020

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     Naomi Zucker – Zucker, N. 2019. Book Review: “Ruha Benjamin’s Captivating Technology: Race, Carceral Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday Life” Somatosphere.


Talks & Presentations

    Aylar Abdolahzadeh - “Investigating Variability in the Frequency of Fire Use in the Archaeological Record of Late Pleistocene Europe.” Kolb Society Spring Symposium, 2020 *affected by COVID 19.

    Aylar Abdolahzadeh - “Does the Southwest France Pattern of Neandertal Fire Use Exist Across Europe?”  SAA Meetings, Austin, Texas, USA, 2020 *affected by COVID 19.

    Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo - “Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival.” Panel Discussion, Penn Wolf Humanities Center, 2020.

    Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo – Campeche’s Coast Report Card. Campeche, Mexico. The Environmental Condition of Campeche’s Coast. Report Presentation, 2020.

    Dina Asfaha- Grad Ben Talks 2020, Underground Hospital: Conceptions of Sovereignty and Conflict Medicine in Post-War Eritrea

    Dina Asfaha - Conference Paper on the social determinants of health from a social medicine/critical medical anthropology perspective, 3rd Annual Society for Medical Anthropology, March 2020 (Accepted).

    Dina Asfaha –Paper on the legacy of conflict medicine for “Re-Imagining Africanist Medical Anthropology” in Eritrea Roundtable Panel, American Anthropological Association, 2019.

    Jimil Ataman – “The Politics and Practices of Slow Fashion Community Members on Instagram, Theorizing the Web”, paper presentation April 2020

    Tayeba Batool - “Conservation in the Walled City of Lahore: How State Efforts Affect the Urban Fabric,” Colloquium Speaker at Fatima Jinnah University, Pakistan.

    Aliyah Bixby-Driesen – “Etymological invention: Metalinguistic techniques for producing past and present in Republican China,” presented at Semiotic Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, 2019.

    Randy Burson - Invited Course Lecture: “Geographies of Health and Healthcare.” Culture, Health, and Illness. Swarthmore College. April 2020.

    Randy Burson - “Monoculture in an intercultural landscape: Mental healthcare and forestry conflict in Wall Mapu/La Arauanfa, Chile.” Oral Presentation presented at: Society for Medical Anthropology; March 2020; Havana, Cuba

    Randy Burson - Asfaha OM, Burson RC, Chen A. “Underground Hospital: Combat Medics in the Trenches of the Eritrean Struggle for Independence.” Art Installation for: Critical Engagements with Science(s) and Justice(s) Implosion Multimodal Exhibition. Penn Museum, Philadelphia, PA, December 2019.

    Robert Bryant – “Stress Testing the Limits of Photogrammetric Capture of Excavation Trench Data: A Methodology for a Time-saving and Efficient Means of Acquiring Traditional Archaeological Data at Higher Precision and Accuracy.” 2020 Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference, Oxford, England (Paper Accepted)

    Robert Bryant – “Remotely Sensing the Landesque Capital of Naxchivan’s Kahriz Systems,” 2020 American Schools for Oriental Research Conference, Boston, Massachusetts (Paper Accepted)

    Elizabeth Bynum - “Of Neighbors and Nightclubs: Sound and Urban Relations in Mexico City.”Un/Sounding the Relational City, New York University, New York, NY. Presenter/Installation, February 2020.

    Elizabeth Bynum - “CONSERVAR” (10 minute audio essay). Experimental Ethnography End of Semester Installation, Penn Museum, Philadelphia, PA, April 2019.

    Sarah Carson - “Republican Feminists?: Discourse Analysis at the Intersection of Women’s Leadership and Political Orientation.” Society for Anthropological Sciences Online Conference [Online], March 2020

    Sarah Carson - “Shaping Women Leaders: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Political Training Programs.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, November 2019

    Alex Chen - “Patients at a Distance: Infrastructures of Care in Clinical Laboratory Life.” Anthropos 2020, The 3rd International Conference of the Society for Medical Anthropology. Havana, Cuba, March 2020

    Alex Chen - “Laughing at the ‘Blue Baby’: Jokes, Liminality, and the Fashioning of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Family.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA, November 2019

    Alex Chen - “The Qualia of Deathly Data.” (In)tangible Technology and Data Symposium, Helsinki, Finland, October 2019

    Elise Cavicchi – “Sound and South: Reassembling Abruzzian Soundscapes of the Risorgimento,” Sounding (Out) 19th-Century Italy, St John’s College, Cambridge, UK, January 2020.

    Elise Cavicchi - “‘The Pipe, Which Twitters Sweetly’: Acoustic Ecology, Transhumant Zampognari, and Nature/Culture in Contemporary Central Italy,” American Musicologic

    Elise Cavicchi – “Sensing Sound, Sensing Place: Zampogna Performance, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and the Value of Nature in Central Italy,” Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, November 2019.

    Yalong Chen – “Coding Agency: A Semiotic Interpretation of Programming”, Societies for Social Studies of Science Annual Conference, September 2019

    Yalong Chen – “(Un)Making the Law,” Sixth Annual Conference on Semiotic Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania. Panel discussant, May 2019.

    Aisha Chughtai - Chronic Living Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark (April 2020) –Accepted Presenter

    Aisha Chughtai - Society for Medical Anthropology, Havana, Cuba (March 2020) –Accepted Presenter

    Elizabeth Clay - “Mo té la”: Community-Engaged Plantation Archaeology in French Guiana,” in Community Archaeology in 2020: Conventional or Revolutionary? Session, Chairs:Elizabeth Clay and Camille V. Westmont. Society for Historical Archaeology Meetings, Boston, MA, January 2020.

    Elizabeth Clay - “The Material &Social Legacies of Enslavement at Habitation laCaroline, French Guiana,” International Association for Caribbean Archaeologists (IACA) Congress, Barbados, July 2019.

    Chelsea Cohen – “Woodand Water: The Materiality of Ships as Environmental Artifacts.” Invited public talk for the Friends of Fairfax County Archaeology Symposium, Alexandria, VA, 2020.

    Ishani Dasgupta - “The Withering Body and the Burning Body: Embodied Resistance as Politics of Precarity in the Tibetan Community.” 16th Annual South Asia Graduate Student Conference at the University of Chicago, 2019.

    Francisco Diaz – Presenter, Penn Cultural Heritage Center Annual Meeting on Community Archaeology and Heritage: Conceptualizing Community, 2019.

    Rachel Dickerson - “Differences in development of the deciduous dentition between Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla berengei,” Poster accepted for the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, April 2020.

    Rachel Dickerson - “Applications of aDNA to Migration Studies,” Paper presentation, University of Pennsylvania Center for Ancient Studies Graduate Conference, February 2020.

    Stacey Espenlaub - “NAGPRA at the Penn Museum,” Art Law and Cultural Heritage Class, Penn Law, University of Pennsylvania, 12 November 2019

    Stacey Espenlaub - “NAGPRA Compliance and Implementation at the Penn Museum,” CLST363/563, University of Pennsylvania, 12 November 2019

    Stacey Espenlaub - “The Science of Skeletons: Bioarchaeological Approaches to the Past,” ANTH 148, University of Pennsylvania, 6 November 2019

    Kim Fernandes - Invited Participant, “Educational Transformations and Societal Change in Liberalizing India.” Spencer Foundation Workshop, Ahmedabad University, January 2020.

    Kim Fernandes - “Quantifying Disability, Generating Statistics: The Production of Inclusive Education in Urban India.” Comparative Education Society of India, Delhi, December 2019.

    Kim Fernandes - “At the Margins, Between the Intersections: A History of Disability and Enumeration Under the Indian Census.” International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Asia, Malang, September 2019.

    Kim Fernandes - “Ontologies of Difference in Data Collection: Disability and the Indian Census.” Society for Social Studies of Science, New Orleans, LA, September 2019.

    Raquel Fleskes - “Historical Genetics: A Multidisciplinary Investigation of Frontier Lifeways in the Chesapeake.” Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory. State College PA, September 2019.

    Raquel Fleskes – “Colonization on the Delaware Frontier: Insights from Avery’s Rest.” Delaware Valley Archaeology and History Symposium, Dover, DE, December 2019.

    Raquel Fleskes - “Avery’s Rest: Bioarcheological Perspectives.”. Archaeological Society of Delaware Annual Meeting, Felton DE,  June 2019.

    Chris Green - “Exceeding the Anth Museum: Overflows of Indigenous Identity in New Caledonia.” American Anthropological Association, Vancouver, CA, November 2019

    Chris Green - “Whole Cultures in Partial Collections: Considering the Kanak Collections at the Smithsonian.” Council for Museum Anthropology, Santa Fe, NM, September 2019

    Amber Henry - “The object of freedom: The Ponchera Bowl and everyday politics of Palenquera Women” Paper presentation on the Panel “Where do we go from here? The Object of Freedom and Decolonial Archives,” 9th Biennial Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, November 2019.

    Amber Henry – “New directions in Social research, towards a more engaged anthropology,” Invited workshop and talk organized for the students of CET Academic Programs Colombia, Universidad del Valle (Univalle), San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia, November 2019.

    Amber Henry - “Economic Sovereignty as a Driver of Creative Industries: Reflections from Palenquero Women” Invited talk, VI International Symposium of Accounting, II Doctoral Colloquium in Strategies and Competitivity, Comfenalco University, Cartagena, Colombia, November 2019.

    Amber Henry - “Gastro-economicpractices of Palenquera Women as Strategies of Freedom,” Invited paper, 34th Symposium of the Drum Festival San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia, October 2019.

    Amber Henry - “Notes On Living in ‘Post-Conflict’ Colombia,” Fulbright Welcome Seminar, Bogota, Colombia, August 2019.

    Caroline Hodge - Installation (with Xan Lillehei), “black out to after life,” Critical Engagements with Science(s) and Justice(s), University of Pennsylvania, 2019

    Caroline Hodge - “Beyond Birth Control: The Social Life of Contraception in the US Heartland,” GSWS Graduate Research Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, 2019.

    Caroline Hodge - “Side Affects: Embodied Experiences of the Pill in the United States,” National Conference for Physician-Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities, 2019

    Maris Jones - “Changing Climates and Cultural Vulnerability for Indigenous Communities Today.” Roundtable, American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, November 2019.

    Indivar Jonnalagadda - “Incremental Housing, Incremental Living,” Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Winter Institute in Hyderabad: Hyderabad, India, October 2019.

    Indivar Jonnalagadda - “Legal Title, Permanent Slums: Subaltern Property Rights and Informal Spatial Governance in Hyderabad, India,”RC21@Delhi: In and Beyond the City: Delhi, India, September 2019

   Alexandra Kralick - Alexandra E. Kralick and Kate McGrath. “Orangutan Canine Linear Enamel Hypoplasia Defects Assessed in Association with Flanging Status.” AAPA Meetings. Poster, Los Angeles, CA, April 2020.

    Alexandra Kralick – “Physical Activity and the Development of Skeletal Sex Differences in the Upper vs Lower Body: A Biocultural Study.” Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health Conference, Penn PROMOTES Research on Sex and Gender in Health Symposium. Poster, Philadelphia, PA, June 2019.

    Xiao Ke - “The Moment of Transformation in a Tibetan Robe Reformation Movement”, Biennial Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society, Helsinki, Finland, August 2019.

    Xiao Ke - “From dPon-Po/Tusi to Ubuntu/Guanxi: Cultural Translation and the Making of Commensuration,” co-speaker Jay Schutte. Southwestern Nationality University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, June 2019.

    Xiao Ke - “Historical Narratives on the Chieftains: from Village’s Point of View”, Gyalrong Research Project: a Tibetology-Anthropology Workshop, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Prefecture, Sichuan, China, June 2019.

    Chris LaMack – “Buying Pottery, Leasing Land, and Marketing a Nation: Investigating Euroamerican Ceramic Use in the Catawba Nation Before and After Land-Leasing.” Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, January 2020.

    Stephanie Mach - “Teaching for Understanding: A Conversation on Museums and Indigenous Art.” Invited speaker for panel conversation organized in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Place, Nations, Generations, Beings: 200 Years of Indigenous North American Art,’ Yale University Art Museum, November 2019.

    Stephanie Mach – “University Museums as Agents for Decolonization on Campus.” Panel organizer, moderator and speaker, “Learning Laboratory and Community Center: Positioning the Academic Museum for Success,” Association of Academic Museums and Galleries annual conference, June 2019.

    Autumn Melby - Alice Wright, Autumn Melby, and Sarah Sherwood, “More Groundtruthing at the Johnston Site (40MD3): Results of the 2017 Excavations,” Poster presented at the 31st Annual Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology Meeting, Murfressboro, TN, 2019.

    Paul Mitchell - “Community Engagement and a Historic Cranial Collection.” Bioarchaeologists Northeast Regional Dialogue. Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey, November 2019

    Paul Mitchell – “Tracing Racial Illustrations in Historic Cranial Collections, 1790-1850: Camper, Blumenbach, and Morton.” History of Science Society. Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 2019.

     Katherine Diserens Morgan - “Rethinking Facadism: How Governments Use Colonial Heritage to Control the Maya Past.” Society for American Archaeology conference, Austin, TX, April 2020

     Katherine Diserens Morgan - “Moving the Baseline: Why isn’t Community Archaeology the Convention?” Society for Historical Archaeology conference, Boston, MA, January 2020

     Katherine Diserens Morgan - “From the Trowel to the Trenches: Archaeology as Social Activism.” Invited Panel, .Society for Historical Archaeology conference, Boston, MA, January 2020.

    Katherine Diserens Morgan - “Speculative Futures of Archaeological Research.” Round table discussion at Engaging Anthropology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, October 2019.

    Katherine Diserens Morgan - Diserens Morgan, Kasey, and Socorro Poot Dzib. “Heritage, Power, and Historic Zones: Benefits and Consequences of Collaborative Preservation Work.” Ethnography in Education Research Forum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, February 2020.

    Katherine Diserens Morgan - Diserens Morgan, Kasey, and Socorro Poot Dzib. “Beneficios y consecuencias de estudiar arquitectura colonial en Tihosuco.” XI Congreso Internacional de Mayistas, Chetumal, MX, June 2019.

    Pooja Nayak – “Vulnerability as Ethics: Bats, Experts, and Values of Knowledge-Making in South India.” Environmental Justice in Multispecies Worlds. University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 2020.

    Lizzie Oakley - “Mythbusters Science: Fact or Fiction” Teen Science Café program at the Penn Museum, Philadelphia, PA, December 2019.

    Kyle Olson - -Buffington, K., Olson, J., Roe. J., McCorriston. A., Al Kathiri. “Homesteads, Holcms (Households), and Villages: Results of the 2018 Ancient Socio-Ecological Systems in Oman (ASOM) Project’s Settlement Survey and Excavations.” American Schools of Oriental Research Conference. November 2019

    Kyle Olson – “Reconsidering the Secondary States East of Sumer.” American Schools of Oriental Research Conference. November 2019.

    Kyle Olson - “The Partage Divide and its Relationship to Unequal Terms of Collections Access. Public Archaeology Twitter Conference 4, September 2019

    Kyle Olson - Buffington, K. Olson, J. Roe, A. Al Kathiri, J. McCorriston. “Survey Results and Preliminary Spatial Analysis of the 2018 Season of the Ancient Socio-Ecological Systems in Oman (ASOM) Project.” Seminar for Arabian Studies, July 2019.

    Jessica Peng – “’The Pedagogical Labor of ‘Development from the Margins’: Education, Labor, and Infrastructures in Indonesia.” Paper presented at the 7th International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, July 2019

    Megan Postemski - “Improving Their Lot: Cultivating Communities & Landscape Change in Maine, 1760-1820.” Society for Historical Archaeology Conference, Boston, MA, January 2020.

    Megan Postemski - “Putting Down Roots: Frontier Settlement and Land Use in Downeast Maine.” Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology Conference, Lake George, NY, November 2019.

    Lise Puyo - “Matérialiser, transporter, mobiliser des frontières. Le wampum Algonquin, Nipissing et Mohawk au Vatican (1831-1833).” Institut d’Histoire de l’Amérique Française Congress. Ottawa, Canada, October 2019.

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