Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Jill Siegel 2014
The House That Miss Ruby Built: Conceptions of Identity, Value and Social Relationships in Limited Equity Cooperatives
Rachel Throop 2014
Critique and Its Consequence: Class, Culture, and the Teach for America Movement
Hannah Voorhees 2014
Anticipating Endangerment: Nanuuq, Climate Change, and Environment Autonomy in Northwestern Alaska
Joanne Baron 2013
Patrons of La Corona: Dieties and Power in a Classic Maya Community
Elizabeth ErkenBrack 2013
The Mobilization of Quechua in Media Publics in Cusco Tourism: A Study of Transient Participation Frames, Collaborative Authorship, and Mediatized Personhood in Cusquena Tourism Media
Sarah Kurnick 2013
Negotiating The Contradictions of Political Authority: An Archaeological Case Study From Callar Creek, Belize
Paul Babb 2012
Molecular Evolution of Vasopressin and Oxytocin Receptor Genes in Owl Monkeys (Aotus Azarai) of Northern Argentina
Lawrence Coben 2012
Theaters of Power: Inka Imperial Performance
Brian Issac Daniels 2012
A History of Antiquities Ownership in the United States, 1870-1934
Rabia Kamal 2012
Reimaging Islam: Muslim Cultural Citizenship in the Post-9/11 American Public Sphere