Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Janet Six 2010
The Ahupua'a of Hilea: A Case Study in the Realities of Applied Historical Archaeology 
Kirtana Mausert 2008
Wendy Bacon 2007
The Dwarf Motif in Classic Maya Monumental Iconography: A Spatial Analysis
Ivar Hultin 2007
Legality, Information, and the Making of the Public Subject in Africa's Human Right's Capital (The Gambia)
Donna Kirschner 2007
Producing Unschoolers: Learning Through Living in a U.S. Education Movement
Olivia Ng 2007
View from the Periphery: A Hermeneutic Approach to the Archaeology of Holotunich (1865-1930), British Honduras
Stephen Phillips 2007
Cranial Anomaly, Pathology, or Normal Variant? Thin Parietal Bones in Ancient Egyptian Human Remains
Benjamin Porter 2007
The Archaeology of Community in Iron I Central Jordan
Teresa Razcek 2007
Shared Histories: Technology and Community at Gilund and Bagor, Rajasthan, India (c. 3000-1700 BC)
Emily Renschler 2007
An Osteobiography of an African Diasporic Skeletal Sample: Integrating Skeletal and Historical Information