Asif Agha

Francis E. Johnston Term Professor of Anthropology

University Museum Room 511


Courses Taught:

ANTH6030 Language in Culture and Society

ANTH6280 Language in Culture and Society: Special Topics

ANTH6310 Grammatical Categories

ANTH6580 Discourse-Centered Research Seminar

ANTH7030 Readings & Research in Linguistic Anthropology

Previous Courses: 

ANTH618 Mediatized Culture in Contemporary Society


Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1990

Research Interests

The structure and organization of human language and its use in human affiairs; the role of language use and communication in giving rise to forms of social organization; the communicative organization of social practices of media, law, education, economy, science, politics, and of other named rubrics through which the organization of social practices in contemporary societies is conventionally imagined.

Selected Publications


Graduate Groups in Linguistics, History and Sociology of Science, Folklore, South Asian Studies, International Studies, and the Graduate School of Education; Affiliated Faculty, Asian American Studies; Associate Member, Center for East Asian Studies.


Faculty Status