Andrea Spence-Aizenberg


M.S. Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania; B.S. Anthropology (Biology minor), University of Michigan

Research Interests

My primary research interests concern the evolution and physiology of social monogamy and parental behavior in primates. I am particularly interested in the socio-sexual behaviors of socially monogamous primates, and the hormonal and neuropeptide correlates of pairbonds and paternal care. I am also interested in olfactory communication in primates, including the evolution and function of scent-marking behaviors observed in New World monkeys. I currently study Aotus azarae, a cathemeral owl monkey species. Like other species of owl monkeys, A. azarae is a socially monogamous species in which the male exhibits a significant amount of direct infant care. The social structure and reproductive behavior of A. azarae make them a particularly suitable species to address my research questions.

Graduation Year



Dissertation Title

Olfactory Communication, Mate Choice, and Reproduction In a Pair-Bonded Primate (AOTUS SPP.) 

Graduate Status