Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Karl Swinehart 2012
Ayllu on the Airwaves: Rap, Reform, & Redemption on Aymara National Radio
Crystal Biruk 2011
The Production and Circulation of AIDS Knowledge in Malawi
Kristin Doughty 2011
Contesting Community: Legalized Reconciliation Efforts in the Aftermath of Genocide in Rwanda
Matthew Dulik 2011
A Molecular Anthropological Study of Altaian Histories Utilizing Population Genetics and Phylogeography
Living For Two: Family Caregivers' Stories of Life With Adults Who Have Intellectual Disabilities
Luke Fleming 2010
From Patrilects to Performatives: Linguistic Exogamy and Language Shift in the Northwest Amazon
Kyung-Nan Koh 2010
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Transformation of American Corporate Capitalism: an Ethnographic Study
Constantine Nakassis 2010
Youth and Status in Tamil Nadu, India 
Janet Six 2010
The Ahupua'a of Hilea: A Case Study in the Realities of Applied Historical Archaeology 
Kirtana Mausert 2008