Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Lynsey Bates 2015
Surplus an Access: Provisioning and Market Participation by Enslaved Laborers on Jamaican Sugar Estates
Nicholas Limerick 2015
Becoming Multicultural Emblems: The Politics and Poetics of Quechua Language and Culture In Intercultural Bilingual Education in Ecuador
Elizabeth Hallowell 2014
Emergencies That Count: Pregnancy and Economies of Care in the U.S.
Sam Lin 2014
Experimentation and Scientific Inference Building in the Study of Hominin Behavior Through Stone Artifact Archaeology
Leah Lowthorp 2014
Scenarios of Endangered Culture, Shifting Cosmopolitanisms: Kutiyattam and Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage in Kerala India
Derek Newberry 2014
From Brazilian Ethanol to Global Green Energy: Managing Cross-Cultural Barriers to the Commodification of Biofuel
Dori Panzer 2014
Tiocfaidh Ár Lá (our day will come): Negotiating The Cultural Politics of Citizenship, Heritage, and Identity in Northern Ireland
Rebecca Pardo 2014
Looking Forward/Looking Back: The Production of Television and the Television Audience at MTV Canada
Jill Siegel 2014
The House That Miss Ruby Built: Conceptions of Identity, Value and Social Relationships in Limited Equity Cooperatives
Rachel Throop 2014
Critique and Its Consequence: Class, Culture, and the Teach for America Movement