Catherine Rhodes


M.A. Social Sciences (specialization, Linguistic Anthropology), University of Chicago; B.A. Latin American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, language diversity and cognition, bi- and multilingualism, social identification, discursive self-making, narrative, discourse analysis, scale, knowledge production, and the production of expertise. Research regions: Yucatan, Mexico, Central Mexico, and the new Latino diaspora in the U.S.

Selected Publications

Osband, N., Wortham, S., and Rhodes, C. (2011). “SantoPatricio: Using Text and Film to Portray a Church and Town.” Film presentationat the Society for Visual AnthropologyAnnual Visual Research Conference. Montreal, QC, Canada. November 2011.

Rhodes, C. and Wortham, S. (2011). “Narratives of TownHistory in the New Latino Diaspora.” Paper presentation in panel entitled,“Traces of Encounters and Places in Narratives of Migration,” American Anthropological Association Meetings.Montreal, QC, Canada. November 2011.

Rhodes, C. (2010). “Building Significance: The circulation of culturally-specificmodels of narrativity in an exhibit at the Chicago Children's Museum.” Paperpresentation, American AnthropologicalAssociation Meetings. New Orleans, LA. November 2010.

Rhodes, C. (2009). “The influence of narratives on learning and meaningmaking at the Chicago Children’s Museum.” Paper presentation, Michicagoan Conference. Ann Arbor, MI. May2009.


Rhodes, C. (2011). Review of Working from Within: Chicanaand Chicano Activist Educators in Whitestream Schools by Luis Urrieta, Jr. Anthropology in Education Quarterly, 42(3).

Graduation Year



Dissertation Title

Making Maya Linguistics, Making Maya Linguists: The Production of Maya Scientific Expertise and Models of Personhood In The Yucatan Today 

Graduate Status