Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Thomas Hardy 2019
Assembling States: Community Formation and the Emergence of the Inca Empire 
Sam Larson 2019
The Affiliative Social Relations of Free-Ranging Rhesus Macaques in the Context of Instability
Li Li 2019
Masters Thesis: The Incorporation of Computer Simulation in Artifact Orientation Analysis: A Case Study of Shuidonggou Locality 2, China
Michelle Munyikwa 2019
"Up From the Dirt": Racializing Refuge, Rupture, & Repair in Philadelphia
Negar Razavi 2019
“With Grave Concern”: Policy Experts, National Security, and U.S. Policy towards the “Middle East” 
Meagan Rubel 2019
Role of Diet and Helminth Infection on the Gut Microbiomes of Diverse African Populations 
Morgan Savige 2019
Dance Intervention: Cultural Interactions in Exercise Programming in West Philadelphia
Whitaker Schroder 2019
Community Resiliance Through Crisis at El Infiernito, Chiapas, A Fortified Refuge in the Upper Usumacinta Valley
Akshay Walia 2019
Borders Demarcated at the Molecular Level: Applications of Genetic Testing in the US Immigration System
Diego Arispe-Bazan 2018
Making history : Spanish migrants in middle class Lima