Bina Brody


I am pursuing a dual PhD in the departments of anthropology and music, focusing on the professionalization of wrestling music in Senegal. My theoretical interests lie in the intersections of language and music as semiotically distinct, yet overlapping phenomena. I research the ways in which traditional singers have reshaped their musical practices to cater to changing expectations from audiences, and how the transformation from rural practice to mediatized, national sport has shifted gendered musical roles in the arena.  In previous projects, I focused on musicians in the African Diaspora and their relationship with non-African audiences. 


M.A. Anthropology, Hebrew University, B.A. with Honors, Sturctural Linguistics, Hebrew University

Research Interests

Semiotics of music, gender, West Africa, Griot song traditions, surrogate speech, ritual and performance.

Graduation Year



Dissertation Title

Competing Bodies and Subversive Songs: Negotiating A Changing Tradition in Senegal's National Wrestling Music

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