Visiting Prof John Sanchez teaches on American Indians and the Media

Dr. John Sanchez is formerly with The American University, inWashington, DC, where he served as the Academic Director of the American IndianLeadership program and taught American Indian Leadership and Politics. He isvisiting this fall and teaching a course on how media framesAmerican Indian cultures and the relationship between  media and publicschools—the two major ways of knowing in the United  States, and how allthis impacts American Indian policy, identity and  education.  Under Dr. Sanchez’ leadership PresidentClinton’s panel on race initiatives recognized this program as one of the fivetop programs in the country.

Now an Associate Professor at Penn State University he teaches inThe College of Communications where he specializes in News Media Ethics andAmerican Indians in the News Media. Sanchez also continues to work inWashington, DC and in Indian Country as a consultant in education and diversityinitiatives specifically as it relates to American Indians. Professor Sanchez’sresearch interests are focused primarily at the intersection of contemporaryAmerican Indian cultures and the American News Media and he publishes hisresearch in American Indian journals, Teacher Education journals, andCommunication Studies journals. Professor Sanchez was recently named one of thetop leading scholars in the field of Intercultural studies by The CommunicationInstitute for Online Scholarship. He is a Freedom Forum Teaching Fellow and anAEJMC/ASJMC Freedom Forum Journalism Leadership in Diversity Fellow. ProfessorSanchez also serves on the executive boards of the CIC American Indian StudiesConsortium, the American Native Press Archives and as a consultant to the boardof directors of the American Indian Policy and Media Initiative. He is also arecipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award at Penn State University.Professor Sanchez is the co-editor of a textbook on American Indians in theMedia, Oklahoma Press, 2012.