Autumn Melby

Doctoral Student


I'm a student of anthropological archaeology, and focus my studies on the lived experiences of non-elite figures within history. My field and laboratory work has taken me to a variety of geographic regions, including Ireland, Mexico, and the North American Southeast. In my future graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, I hope to examine household responses to instances of polity collapse during the Mississippian Period in the Southeast. In this pursuit, I hope to examine change through time in relation to the development and decline of societal complexity, and address what effects these processes had upon the lives of the everyday people who are often overlooked in archaeological and historical research.


B.S. Multi-Disciplinary Anthropology, Appalachian State University, 2018

Research Interests

Household Archaeology, Southeastern North America, Identity Politics, Ceramics, Socio-political complexity, Subsistence Practices 


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