Katleho Shoro

Doctoral Student


Katleho Kano Shoro is a South African-born Benjamin Franklin Fellow pursuing a PhD in Anthropology. She has worked as a researcher within the museum, education, arts and healthcare sectors. Through her work, she pays attention to epistemology, mainly, the multiplicity of knowledge and how knowledges are made accessible through various mediums. This interest, as well as the fact that she is a practising poet, informs Katleho’s inclinations towards (South) African indigenous knowledge systems, decolonial education, philosophies of (South) African aesthetics, and arts-based research methods.

Based on her keen interest in interdisciplinary scholarship, Katleho is an Honorary Research Affiliate of the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative (University of Cape Town) as well as a member of the South African Poetry Project (ZAPP)


MSocSci, Social Anthropology (University of Cape Town)

BA, Social Anthropology, Screenwriting & Film and Media Studies (University of Cape Town)

Certificate, Applied Drama Techniques for Adolescent Education (Drama For Life, University of Witwatersrand)

Research Interests

Language, Literature and Culture, African Art, Knowledge Production, Arts-Based Research Methods, Experimental Ethnography, Education, African Anthropologies.


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