Ross Perfetti

Doctoral Student


Ross Perfetti, MSc is an MD-PhD student at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Their dissertation research in cultural anthropology focuses on patient and family experiences of critical illness recovery. Their research asks how critical care clinicians prevent long-term harms caused by ICU care, how the side-effects of care are addressed after hospitalization, and how patients understand survivorship in their own terms. Ross’ past work has included research on patient-centered outcomes, quality improvement and patient safety, and health services for immigrant groups in Philadelphia. Perfetti received their MSc with distinction in Medical Anthropology at Durham University, UK in 2017 with the support of a Thouron Award. 


2016. BA. University of Pennsylvania. Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

2017. MSc. Durham University. Medical Anthropology.

Research Interests

psychiatric anthropology, science and technology studies, sensory ethnography, history of science, phenomenology, feminist theory, consciousness, subjectivity



Graduate Status