Major/Minor FAQ



How do I declare a major in Anthropology?   

Email the Undergraduate Chair, to set up a meeting to discuss your interest in the major as well as your possible course plan. Once you have met with the Undergraduate Chair, email the Undergraduate Coordinator to meet and officially declare the major/complete the paperwork.   


How do I declare a minor in Anthropology?   

Email the Undergraduate Coordinator to set up a meeting to complete the paperwork and officially declare your minor.  


What are the requirements of a major in Anthropology?   

Anthropology majors can choose from five different tracks (General, Biological, Medical, Cultural, Archaeology). Each track requires three introductory courses, ten anthropology courses that vary depending on your track, and ANTH 4000: Research Seminar in Anthropology.   


What are the requirements of a minor in Anthropology?  

Anthropology minors must complete six anthropology (or crosslisted) courses to finish the minor. All minors are encouraged to take three introductory courses, though these are not required. No more than four courses may be taken from a single anthropology concentration. 


Why does Penn In Touch say that I need permission to enroll in this course?   

There are many reasons you could need a permit for a course: the course could be full, there could be seats reserved for seniors, you may need a permit as an undergraduate, etc. Regardless of the permit reason, you must contact the instructor of the course to request a permit- instructors alone can grant permission for a permit.   


Can I get research funding from the Anthropology department?   

Yes! Each year the Penn Anthropology department awards select students with research funding. See our research page for more information.  


What ANTH classes count towards college requirements?   

See the list of courses that count towards College requirements here!   


Can I submatriculate in the Anthropology department?   

Yes! Students can apply to the submatriculation program to receive both their BA and MA degrees simultaneously. Detailed information about the submatriculation program can be found here


What does it mean to "graduate with honors" in the Anthropology department?   

To graduate with honors a major must complete a senior thesis and maintain a GPA of 3.5 for all courses applied toward the major (you can check your major GPA through Penn in Touch).  


What does completing a thesis entail?   

Students completing a senior thesis must take ANTH 4010: Senior Thesis, before they graduate, under the supervision of their faculty thesis advisor. To begin the process of completing a thesis, students should contact the faculty member they would like to work with and discuss research possibilities. Once you have chosen a research topic/title and have agreed upon a research curriculum with your advisor, email the Undergraduate Coordinator to request a permit for ANTH 4010.  


Can I work with faculty in the Anthropology department?   

Yes! Faculty are always looking for students to participate in research opportunities. The best route to working with a faculty member is to ask! If you are not sure who you would want to work with, email the undergraduate coordinator to discuss your interests and we can advise you on who works in those areas.   


I have a question about something on my worksheet, what should I do?   

If it has to do with your major/minor, email the undergraduate coordinator with your question. 


Can I study abroad as an Anthropology major?   

Absolutely! Check out our research section for more info.  


What do Penn Anthropology alumni do after graduation?  

Career Services has information on this topic here


What is Anthrofest?  

More about Anthrofest here!   


I think I want to be an Anthropology Major/Minor, but I'm not sure...  

No problem! Email the undergraduate coordinator to set up a meeting to talk about your interests and how you might fit into the program.