Chelsea Cohen


Though my background is in maritime archaeology, my current focus is on urban development and land use in Indian Ocean port cities. Through not only excavation but coastal modeling and computer-based spatial analysis, my work engages in investigations of adaptations in urban development that led to a rise in maritime settlements and the adoption of maritime identities throughout the Indian Ocean world in the first millennium AD. In turn, my work seeks to understand the ways in which maritime identities adapted and diverged based on spheres of transoceanic interaction.

In addition to my research interests, I have worked extensively in the fields of object conservation, spatial modeling, and archaeological collections and curation, all of which informs my present practices and methodological approach. My past work includes both field and conservation roles in northern Illinois (USA), Greece, southwest Turkey, Lake Champlain (USA), and Alexandria (USA). 


B.A. Anthropology, DePaul University, 2013

M.S. Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, Texas A&M University, 2017

Research Interests

Coastal archaeology, maritime archaeology; archaeology of Indian Ocean trade; medieval India; the rise of Swahili polities; political hegemony, commerce; and identity; GIS; archaeological conservation


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