Chelsea Cohen

Doctoral Student


My research interests span historical archaeology, maritime heritage, urban studies, and museum anthropology. My dissertation focuses on relationships between early-contact-period land management and later British-colonial maritime cultural landscapes. Trained in maritime archaeology and paleoethnobotany, I work both terrestrially and underwater to connect land and sea, using survey, excavation, paleoenvironmental analysis, coastal modeling, and computer-based spatial analysis to study the relationship between urban ports and colonial hinterlands. I am currently involved in projects in Virginia and southern India.
In addition to my current research, I have worked extensively in object conservation, spatial modeling, and museum collections and curation. My past work includes field and lab roles in Chicago (IL), Alexandria (VA), Lake Champlain (VT), Charleston (SC), Charleston (WV), and the Sonoran Desert (AZ) within the US, as well as Athens (Greece),  Muğla (Turkey) and Tamil Nadu (India).


B.A. Anthropology, DePaul University, 2013
M.S. Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, Texas A&M University, 2017

Research Interests

Coastal archaeology; maritime archaeology; paleoethnobotany; Transatlanticism; Indian-Atlantic transoceanic trade; community archaeology; GIS; archaeological conservation.



Graduate Status