Lizzie Oakley


MS University of Indianapolis, Anthropology, 2015. BA Indiana University, Anthropology and Classical Studies, 2012.

Research Interests

Although my background is in Biological Archaeology, which I have applied to classical contexts, my research interests have shifted to a focus on molecular anthropology. The allure is that this perspective typically incorporates more than one sub-field of anthropology to answer anthropological or archaeological questions that cannot be answered by one line of evidence. I value an interdisciplinary approach and I think that applying genetic data to study large-scale questions like migration and consequent transmission of disease, as well as site-specific questions like variability in mortuary practice can aid in our understanding of the past while also being applicable to modern populations. Some keywords that would apply to the research I am interested in pursuing include: human migration, complex/genetic disease origin, ancient DNA, genomics, medical applications, and Classical antiquity.

Graduation Year


Dissertation Title

Investigating the Cultural Domains of Science in U.S. Museums: How Museums Sell "Science" to Spark Curiosity

Graduate Status