Nursyazwani Jamaludin

Doctoral Student


Nursyazwani is interested in refugees’ everyday struggles to rethink new kinds of politics emerging from the global south. Her research interests revolve around questions of citizenship, violence, politics, refugee political subjectivity, and migration. She has been working with refugees, particularly Rohingya refugees, in Malaysia since 2017, and more recently, with resettled Rohingya refugees in Chicago. She received her M.Soc.Sci. from the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore, where her research focused on the co-construction of refugee legibility among Rohingya in Malaysia. Previously, she was a Research Associate at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. She is also actively involved with Advocates for Refugees-Singapore.


B.A. (Hons), History, National University of Singapore. 2013

M.Soc.Sci., Sociology, National University of Singapore. 2019

Research Interests

citizenship, migration, refugees, refugee political subjectivity, politics, violence.

Selected Publications

Nursyazwani. 2020. “Mobile Refugee: Rohingya Refugees’ Practices of Imaginary Citizenship in Klang Valley, Malaysia.” American Behavioral Scientist, 64(10): 1444 – 1457.

Nursyazwani & Prasse-Freeman, Elliott. 2020. “Hidden Rohingya Heterogeneity.” New Mandala. Retrieved from:  

Nursyazwani. 2020. “Moral Refugeeness, Malaysia and Covid-19.” Collecting Covid-19. Retrieved from:


Graduate Status