Nursyazwani Jamaludin


I am interested in refugees’ everyday struggles to rethink new kinds of politics emerging from the global south. I have been working with refugees, particularly Rohingya refugees, in Malaysia for the past few years. My Master’s research focused on the co-construction of refugee legibility among Rohingya in Malaysia. Currently, I am involved in a research project where we employ photovoice to explore how Rohingya school-going children imagine time in exile. Previously, I was a Research Associate at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. I am also a Research Coordinator at Advocates for Refugees-Singapore. 


B.A. (Hons), History, National University of Singapore. 2013

M.Soc.Sci., Sociology, National University of Singapore. 2019

Research Interests

citizenship, migration, refugees, refugee political subjectivity, politics, violence.


Graduate Status