Sam Lin

Research Interests

Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, hunter-gatherer technological organization, assemblage formation, emergence of modern human behavior, formal model testing, information transmission and learning, behavioral ecology, experimental archaeology, Western Europe, Africa, East Asia, China, Australia, Pacific

Selected Publications

Dibble, H.L., V. Aldeias, Z. Jacobs, D.I. Olszewski, Z. Rezek, S.C. Lin, E. Alvarez-Fernández, C.C. Barshay-Szmidt, E. Hallett-Desguez, D. Reed, K. Reed, D. Richter, T.E. Steele, A. Skinner, B. Blackwell, E. Doronicheva, M. El-Hajraoui. Submitted. On the industrial attributions of the Aterian and Mousterian of the Maghreb . Journal of Human Evolution.

Dibble, H.L., V. Aldeias, E. Alvarez-Fernández, B.A.B. Blackwell, E. Hallett-Desguez, Z. Jacobs, P. Goldburg, S.C. Lin, Morola, A., M.C. Meyer, D.I. Olszewski, K. Reed, D. Reed, Z. Rezek, D. Ritcher, R.G. Roberts, D. Sandgathe, U. Schurmans, A.R. Skinner, T.E. Steele, M. El-Hajraoui. In press. New Excavations at the site of Contrebandiers Cave, Morocco. PaleoAnthropology.

Rezek, Z., S. Lin, R. Iovita, H.L. Dibble. 2011. The relative effects of core surface morphology on flake shape and other attributes . Journal of Archaeological Science 38(6):1346-1359.

Sheppard, P.J., G.J. Irwin, S.C. Lin, C.P. McCaffrey. 2011. Characterisation of New Zealand obsidian using PXRF . Journal of Archaeological Science 38(1):45-56.

Jia, P.W., T. Doelman, C. Chen, H. Zhao, S. Lin, R. Torrence, M.D. Glascock. 2010. Moving sources: a preliminary study of volcanic glass artifact distributions in Northeast China using PXRF . Journal of Archaeological Science 37(7):1670-1677.

Lin, S.C., M.J. Douglass, S.J. Holdaway, B. Froyd. 2010. The application of 3D laser scanning technology to the assessment of ordinal and mechanical cortex quantification in lithic analysis . Journal of Archaeological Science 37(4):694-702.


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Experimentation and Scientific Inference Building in the Study of Hominin Behavior Through Stone Artifact Archaeology

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