Sharon Jacobs

Doctoral Student


Sharon is a PhD candidate currently undertaking dissertation research on the European refugee solidarity movement in Athens, Greece. Her ongoing project uses participant observation, interviews, and archival research to investigate the question: What does it mean to produce new social and political collectivities in the world made in the wake of the 2015 “summer of migration”?
Sharon's previous anthropological research has focused on U.S. linguistic nationalism as recently resettled Iraqi refugees experience and participate in it. In addition to her academic career, Sharon is a writer whose work has been published in National Geographic, the Washington Post, and other outlets and a contributing editor for the Society for Cultural Anthropology's AnthroPod.


M.A., Social Sciences | University of Chicago | 2016
B.A. with high distinction, Linguistics and Arabic | University of Michigan | 2012

Research Interests

Social movements; migration and refugeehood; political anthropology; citizenship and the state; postcolonialism; Middle East & Europe; Arabic language & linguistics

Selected Publications

"What Solidarity Does," AnthroPod, April 8, 2022
"How a legacy of crises inspired Greeks’ compassionate response to COVID-19," National Geographic, November 20, 2020
"Criminalizing the Mediterranean leads to death and division," Europe Now, February 5, 2019.
Interview with Miriam Ticktin for "Anthropology and Humanitarianism," Anthropological Airwaves podcast, January 7, 2019

Graduate Status