Ankita Reddy

Doctoral Student


Ankita Reddy is an MD/PhD trainee examining the multiple visual and digital cultures in healthcare. Her dissertation work seeks to understand how technologies of human and computer vision, including AI modalities, mediate and are produced by socio-political relations of care, harm, and embodiment. This work takes seriously how technology design and use can re-inscribe historical conceptions of race, ethnicity, and gender. Her multimodal research works at the intersection of engineering, anthropology, medicine, and media studies.

At MIT, Ankita’s work included ethnographic and engineering work on low-cost rapid diagnostics of dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya in Latin America and South India. She has also done ethnographic film and photo work with communities to investigate issues such as skin color bias and visual professionalism in medicine.


2019 BS. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Biology & Anthropology



Graduate Status