Jimil Ataman


I am a 2nd-year joint degree PhD student in Cultural Anthropology & Education, Culture and Society (Penn GSE). My work seeks to critically examine the ways youth, new media, and resistance are joined in social practice: namely, how new media cultivates new spaces for resistance; how youth are central actors in new forms of media representation and resistance; and how resistance practices are central to the ways in which youth are represented and the extent to which their personhood and ways of being are socially legitimized. I also work with Dr. Krystal Strong on her School Protests in Africa Project (SPA). In this project, we've created the first database of school-based protests for all 54 countries on the continent from 2000-present. 


B.A. in Anthropology & History from Lehigh University, 2014 

M.S.Ed. in Education, Culture & Society from Penn GSE, 2018

Research Interests

Anthropology of Youth; Experimental Ethnography; Critical Media Studies; New Media Resistance Practices; Turkey


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