Near/Middle East

  • Doctoral Student

    Nora is a Kuwait University Fellow pursuing an archaeology of the Arabian...

  • Doctoral Student

    Dual B.A. in History/Anthropology at Georgia State University 2009

  • Kowalski Family Teaching Specialist for Digital Archaeology

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    My research focuses on the later prehistory of the Near East, with specializations in...

  • Doctoral Student

  • Professor of Anthropology

    Richard M. Leventhal is Executive Director of the ...

  • Doctoral Student

    Anna Luurtsema is an archaeologist and Benjamin Franklin Fellow pursuing a Ph.D....

  • PIK Professor of Anthropology; Professor of Historic Preservation, Weitzman School of Design

    Lynn Meskell is Richard D. Green Professor of Anthropology in the School of Arts and...

  • Penn Museum Consulting Scholar

  • Adjunct Professor

    Previous Courses:

    ANTH158 The Neolithic Revolution