Megan Kassabaum

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Weingarten Associate Curator for North America


University Museum Room 434


PhD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

BA Beloit College

Office Hours

3:00-5:00 Mondays and by appointment

Research Interests

Archaeology of the Eastern US, Woodland Period; the Native South; food and feasting; ceramic technology; monumentality and communal ritual; social organization; temporal perspectives; public and museum archaeology

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

ANTH001: Archaeology: Window to the Human Past (syllabus

ANTH128: Peopling Prehistory: The Archaeology of Native North America (syllabus

ANTH267/567: Living World in Archaeological Science (syllabus)

ANTH549: Monuments and Memory: Topics in Archaeological Method and Theory (syllabus

ANTH549: The Power of the Pot: Social and Archaeological Uses of Ceramics (syllabus)

ANTH600: Contemporary Archaeology in Theory (syllabus)


Anthropology Department Faculty

Weingarten Assistant Curator, American Section, University Museum

Center for Ancient Studies (Associated Scholar, Faculty Advisory Board, Executive Committee)

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies/Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality, and Women (Affiliated Faculty)



Faculty Status