Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo


Pablo is a Mexico City native and a Ph.D. student in the anthropology department focusing on environmental anthropology in the Yucatan Peninsula. Prior to his time at Penn, he received a BA in Human Ecology and an MA in Critical Development Studies. He has worked in between Mexico and Bolivia on development programs and environmentalism for over six years. His research is situated at the interface of STS, environmental anthropology, and Latin American studies. His current project explores the transformation of the Yucatec aquifers as well as the community efforts to respond to these changes. As part of his doctoral research, he has used photography, mapping, drawing, and audio ethnography to explore the quotidian practices of local scientists and communities around various emergent environmental problems in the Yucatan Peninsula. 


2016. London School of Economics. MSc. Development Studies
2015. College of the Atlantic. BA. Human Ecology. 



Research Interests

Environmental Anthropology, STS, Water, Pollution, Civic Science, Environmentalism, Experimental Enthography, Semiotics, Latin America


Graduate Status