Standing Faculty

Lynn Meskell

PIK Professor of Anthropology; Professor of Historic Preservation, Weitzman School of Design

Greg Urban

Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor of Anthropology

Deborah Thomas

R. Jean Brownlee Professor of Anthropology; Director, Center for Experimental Ethnography

Affiliated Faculty

Katherine Moore

Practice Professor of Anthropology, Undergraduate Chair

Justin Clapp

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology & Critical Care at the Perelman School of Medicine. Associated Faculty, Anthropology

Marilynne Diggs-Thompson

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Graduate Group

Kathleen Morrison

Sally and Alvin V. Shoemaker Professor of Anthropology, Department Chair

Nikhil Anand

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Michael Platt

James S. Riepe University Professor


Robert Schuyler

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Robert Harding

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Robert Preucel

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Visiting Scholars

Hadeel Assali

Postdoctoral Fellow

Suzie Telep

Postdoctoral Fellow

Austin Chad Hill

Postdoctoral Fellow