Standing Faculty

Clark Erickson

Professor of Anthropology

Nikhil Anand

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Lynn Meskell

Professor of Anthropology; Professor of Historic Preservation for the School of Design

Affiliated Faculty

Marilynne Diggs-Thompson

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Riepe House Dean

Chantel White

Archaeobotanical Teaching Specialist, Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM)

Lynsey Farrell

Senior Lecturer in International Studies, Lauder Institute Africa program

Graduate Group

Justin Clapp

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology & Critical Care at the Perelman School of Medicine. Associated Faculty, Anthropology

Timothy Rommen

Davidson Kennedy Professor in the College

Brian Spooner

Professor of Anthropology


Robert Preucel

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Francis Johnston

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Robert Harding

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Visiting Scholars

Amber Reed

Visiting Scholar

Tamara Dogandžić

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow

Austin Chad Hill

Postdoctoral Fellow