Standing Faculty

Greg Urban

Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor of Anthropology

Adriana Petryna

Professor of Anthropology; Director, MD-PhD Program in Anthropology

Morgan Hoke

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Affiliated Faculty

Marilynne Diggs-Thompson

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Riepe House Dean

Simon Martin

Adjunct Associate Professor

Joyce White

Adjunct Professor, Director of the Middle Mekong Archaeological Project

Graduate Group

Nikhil Anand

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Carolyn Cannuscio

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Kristina Lyons

Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Rebecca Huss-Ashmore

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Frances Barg

Professor, Perelman School of Medicine. Associated Faculty, Anthropology

Robert Schuyler

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Visiting Scholars

Antonio Nucci

Visiting Scholar

Austin Chad Hill

Postdoctoral Fellow

Caitlin O Connell

Visiting Assistant Professor