Tamara Dogandžić

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow




TamaraDogandžić is a Paleolithic archeologist with primary interests in investigatinghominin behavior during the Pleistocene trough analysis of their materialculture. Her work focuses on Neandertal adaptations and the variability of the MiddlePaleolithic lithic industries. Her dissertation examined the variation anddiachronic changes in Neandertal stone tool production patterns in the Balkans andfurther examined how the recognized trends relate to patterns observedelsewhere in Europe. As a fieldarcheologist, she has participated in numerous excavations in Serbia, France, Mongolia,Kenya. She is currently co-directing an excavation project at two cave sites inSerbia that investigates human occupations during the Middle and UpperPaleolithic and particularly the context of the population replacement duringthe Neandertal demise and the colonization of modern humans. 

Research Interests

Middle and Upper Paleolithic of Europe, Paleolithic of the Balkans, Middle Paleolithic, lithic technology, stone tool data analysis and experimentation, taphonomy and site formation processes, archaeological survey and excavation

Selected Publications

Dogandžić, T., Đuričić, Lj., 2017. Lithic ProductionStrategies in the Middle Paleolithic of the Southern Balkans. QuaternaryInternational

Archer, W., Pop, C.M., Rezek, Z., Schlager, S., Lin, S.C.,Weiss, M., Dogandžić, T., Desta, D., McPherron, S.P. 2017. A geometricmorphometric relationship predicts stone flake shape size and variability. Journalof Anthropological and Archeological Sciences

Dogandžić, T., Braun, D., McPherron, S.P., 2015, EdgeLength and Surface Area of a Blank: Measures, Size Predictions and Utility.PLoS ONE 10(9): e0133984. Data available: https://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1502667.v1

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Dogandžić, T., McPherron S., Mihailović, D., 2014, Middle andUpper Paleolithic in the Balkans: continuities and discontinuities of humanoccupations, in D. Mihailović (ed.), Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Researchin the Central Balkans, Serbian Archaeological Society, Belgrade, pp. 81-94

McPherron, S.P., Braun, D., Dogandžić, T., Desta, D., Lin, S.,Archer, W., 2014, An experimental assessment of the influences on edgedamage to lithic artifacts: A consideration of edge angle, substrate grainsize, raw material properties, and exposed face, Journal of ArchaeologicalScience 49: 70:82

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Dogandžić, T. and McPherron S. P., 2013, Demography and theDemise of Neandertals: A Comment on “Tenfold Population Increase in WesternEurope at the Neandertal-to- Modern Human Transition”, Journal of HumanEvolution 64 (4):311-313 

DogandžićT., 2012, Review of „Darlas, A. and D. Mihailović (eds.). 2008. “ThePalaeolithic of the Balkans.” in PaleoAnthopology (2012) 

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